Watch: Outfielder juggling behind in an unprecedented doubles catch


Cricket is no stranger to catching doubles. In recent years, as outfielders have become more and more acrobatic, we have seen more of this in recent years. Watching their favorite players do such daring things on the screen, even young cricket players have begun to follow suit at their own level of competition, and now we are seeing things like this through the European Cricket Series in Europe spread.

In ECS Portugal Cartaxo, we witnessed several outfielders completely blind, which involved not only backtracking and doubles actions, but also some excellent juggling. The batter threw the takeaway item outside and squared it. The outfielder rushed in from the middle wicket to catch the ball, and he struggled to catch it in the first round because of the momentum he ran towards it.

The ball kept popping out of his hands many times, even toward his back, but he still managed to flip it up. In the end, another outfielder who reached there from a thin leg made sure that the ball did not overflow and completed the catch. Commentators who watched the game described it as “the greatest catch he has ever seen in a cricket match”, and this hype is not entirely unreasonable.

Look at the incredible doubles catch of the Portuguese T10, which has attracted so much attention on social media.

Over the years, Indian fans have witnessed quite a few such doubles catches.Back to IPL in 2015, Tim Southee and Karenner Together at the edge of the border, they completed one of the most amazing catches witnessed in the tournament. In recent years, the Big Bash League has witnessed many such games.

At the Marsh Cup earlier this year, we even witnessed a Amazing 3-person doubles catch In the game between Queensland and South Australia, Michael Neser walked back.


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