Watch: Ollie Robinson turns to bowling with Joe Root off the court


This Sunday (December 19) showed a rare and interesting sight because UK On the 4th day of the second Ashes Test in Adelaide against Australia, pacemaker Ollie Robinson was eliminated for various reasons.

Robinson became an outside player in the 35th inning of Australia’s third inning in the test match, and actually showed admirable possession and discipline.

On the dry Adelaide oval surface, the tall pacemaker spun down sharply. Ollie Robinson struck Travis Head for the first time and crossed the left-hander’s perimeter. The bouncing and turning made goalkeeper Jos Butler catch the ball high, with a wry smile on his face.

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Have you ever seen the Oli Robinson bowl spin?

Ollie Robinson sees a bowling break in the second Ashes test

This is the first time fans have witnessed Ollie Robinson’s part-time bowling bowling because he started with a pacemaker early in the game. Robinson got Steve Smith’s precious scalp earlier, and his normal right arm quickly bowled, but then decided to turn his arm over like an out-of-control person.

But what triggered this change? This is for many reasons. First of all, the regular captain of the England team, Joe Root, was injured in the abdomen and was unable to start playing that day. Root is the only rotation option available in this test. But at the beginning of the fourth day of the game and the main part of the opening game, he had to miss out after the Nets were injured. This means that England has no other traditional bowling options.

Second, England needs to increase their excess interest rates. Because they were severely punished for excessive fouls in the Brisbane Test, the last thing the tourists could not bear was to violate the rules and conditions of the game again. The England team was initially penalized by five points for their Gabba attack in the World Test Championship (WTC). However, the International Criminal Court later clarified that their actual number of turnovers was 8. According to the rule of one point deduction for each team, this means an extra three points will be deducted.

Therefore, seeing Wade’s left-hander, Robinson became a helpless outsidespin player, instead of choosing, and sent some passes from a short run-up. However, what’s interesting is that as he turns and bounces, under good control, he seems to have practiced external rotation in the net for a long time.


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