WATCH: Freak Marnus Labuschagne undone as Freak fired

As long as Marnus Labuschagne is around, things seem to happen.This time, the young Australian batsman has been embroiled in a very bizarre dismissal on the opening day of the fifth and final Ashes 2021-22 Exam in Hobart.

Labuschagne fell from the side of his leg after falling badly while attempting a flick. The right-handed batsman’s back leg appeared to be stuck in the crease as he tried to hit the ball and fell to the turf.

The incident occurred on the first ball on the 23rd of the first Australian inning. Marnus Labuschagne, who batted 44 at the time, faced England’s leading fast Stewart Broad, who knocked the ball over his leg after seeing the batsman move over the crease for offside.

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Marnus Labuschagne finished the race after an unfortunate collapse of his hind leg.

Marnus Labuschagne completes bowling after unexpected crash

Marnus Labuschagne’s shot was flawless and he tried to bounce Broad’s pass wide. However, he unfortunately failed to execute the stroke properly due to the unfortunate fall on the turf.

Labuschagne’s hind legs appear to be stuck on the turf, meaning that when the batsman wants to turn around and finish the stroke, his balance is zero. The young gun missed the ball completely and it hit the midsection and leg stump.

Earlier, Marnus Labuschagne, who was saved by an England catch at the crease, went on to hit an impressive 44 on a tough green top wicket that was the pairing for Horace. Bart’s first Ashes Test match was curious.

Labuschagne has been one of the standout Australian batsmen for the Ashes in 2021-22, with 330 runs in eight innings and a 47.14 average. His series of scores included three points of 50 or more, including 100 in the second Test in Adelaide.

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