Watch: Flying Darryl Mitchell completes an amazing save near the border rope

Daryl Mitchell has always been one of New Zealand’s best contributors, and his bowling and batting skills have played an important role. In addition to making some important shots with the bat in the early days, he also played a role on the court many times. He did this again in the final match against Afghanistan in the group stage.

New Zealand was absolutely shocking in every department of this game, especially their ground defense. Once again, Afghanistan tried to run as much as possible towards the end, Rashid KhanThe untimely pull ball hit the border of the middle wicket. Mitchell lined up under it, only to realize that the ball might run well behind him.

He jumped up to catch the ball, took a blindfold in one hand, and when he realized he would touch the line, he pulled it back to the playing field. The way he reaches out to catch the ball, the accuracy of the catch and the awareness of releasing the ball, all these exude the brilliance of Mitchell in the pressure cooker moment.

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This is a video of Daryl Mitchell’s great efforts

Afghanistan took a courageous step after winning the toss. Although knowing the record of chasing the team in the ongoing T20 World Cup, it still chose to hit the ball first. Trent Bolt provided a good start for the New Zealanders, who lost 3 wickets in a strong game. Their top four are all struggling to run, and they only scored 27 points out of 42 goals.

Najibullah Zadran (Najibullah Zadran) had a huge impact on the team, hitting 48 goals 73, including 6 four-pointers and 3 six-pointers. He is positive about his methods and leads the New Zealand bowlers more often than any other player in the team.

The team that hits the ball first can only hit the ball 124 times and puts itself under tremendous pressure to defend this total.

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