Watch: Divyansh Saxena cuts into the border with faceless leave cum up cut


As part of the previous India U19 setup, Divyansh Saxena proved himself to be an important part of the team reaching the finals. He is currently participating in the U25 Shalini Bhalekar trophy, representing Chandrakant Pandit XI in the competition. A few days ago, in the game against Jahangir Pitawar XI, he did a heinous thing with the bat, which attracted a lot of attention.

During Chandrakant Pandit XI’s shot, they lost two early wickets and it was difficult to get a run initially. Divyansh Saxena, who opened the U19 Indian team Yashaswi Jaswar, Managed to pass some boundaries to ease the tension, and then there was a shot that may have never been attempted in professional cricket.

In Saksham Jha’s bowling ball, he took a short shot to the left-handed batter and tilted inward from around the goal (right-arm bowler). Saxena seemed to have left the ball, but eventually cut the ball to the free throw line-the leg The boundary is four. It took a few seconds for everyone involved to understand what was going on, but the replay showed that he was deliberately trying to shoot.

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Obviously, the young batsman deliberately lifted his bat on the line to get some contact, although trying to make it look like a departure, the batsman’s shot was an uppercut in his mind. When the ball is in contact with the bat, he is not looking at the ball, and the non-watching element in the shot just adds more swag to the entire presentation.

This is a video taken by Divyansh Saxena (Video-Pitch Vision).

Divyansh Saxena performed very well in this game and played with a big daddy, which further attracted the attention of local selectors. He completed 178 runs in 265 shots, including 19 four-pointers and 5 six-pointers. He received strong support from Harshal Jadhav and Atharva Ankolekar, who pushed their team to 395 points with 98.5 points in the crucial half-century.


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