Watch crowd goes crazy as MS Dhoni walks out to bat on his home turf


Chennai Super Kings won their first match against Lucknow Super Giants on Monday by 12 runs. CSK scored a challenging total of 217 runs in their 20 overs. LSG finished with 205 losing 5 wickets.

Dhoni light up the stage

The atmosphere turned electric as soon as MS Dhoni entered to bat against Lucknow Super Giants yesterday. The CSK skipper scored 2 massive sixes and the crowd was entertained to its fullest seeing the Thala bat.

In the final over of CSK’s Monday match against Lucknow Super Giants, after Ravindra Jadeja’s wicket fell, Dhoni moved towards the center with his usual quick stride. The crowded crowd had no boundaries.

They shouted to the peak of their voices and elevated their voices to unheard-of decibel levels, resulting in a unique, to put it mildly, a collective show of ecstasy and devotion. When Dhoni played his final IPL game in Chennai in May 2019, They had to wait 1426 days to see their “Thala” in action.

Dhoni’s calm and composed demeanor on the field, his exceptional wicket-keeping skills, and his explosive batting have won him the hearts of millions of cricket fans in India.

He is especially loved by the younger generation who admire his unique hairstyle, tattoos, and overall style.

Dhoni has a large following on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where fans regularly express their love and support for him. Many of his fans go to extreme lengths to show their devotion to him, such as getting tattoos of his face or his jersey number, building shrines for him in their homes, and even naming their children after him.

Dhoni’s fandom in India is not just limited to his on-field performances. He is also a role model for his fans due to his humble personality, his dedication to fitness, and his charitable work off the field.

Overall, Dhoni’s crazy fandom in India is a testament to his extraordinary talent, his

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