Watch: Chris Gayle’s pursuit of David Warner; looking for sandpaper in his pocket during the T20 WC game

Chris Gayle is one of the most interesting characters on the cricket court. If he is not using a racket or a ball, he will try to provide a smile in one way or another when he is on the court.In the final match of the West Indies against Australia in the T20 World Cup, the Australian cruised with absolute courtesy David Warner, Universe Boss made fun of it in the opening remarks.

As the game drew to a close, in the 16th game, Gale went to Warner to chat with him. He was trying to get something out of Warner’s pocket, and Warner was adjusting his gloves, away from the pop-up crease. People on social media believed that this was a subtle excavation of the infamous sandpaper scandal he was involved in.

David Warner and his teammates Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft were banned from participating in various forms of professional cricket because of their involvement in the ball tampering scandal in South Africa. The Australians didn’t seem to take it to heart, they all laughed.

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This is the video of the meeting between Chris Gail and David Warner

Except for this small moment, Chris Gale didn’t have much ridiculous in his last international game for the Caribbean team. Gayle started with a batting, scoring 15 points quickly, and with the contributions of Kieron Pollard and Andre Russell, they first hit the ball 157 times. Josh Hazlewood won 4 wickets for the Australian team, which is his second-ranked number in the Australian team.

Facts have proved that the West India team or the South African team who cheered for them for this game will not be happy. David Warner found his good old man in his excellent knock on the door and scored 89 points with just 56 goals. His shots included 9 four-pointers and 4 six-pointers. The Australian team eventually tied the goal with 16.2 points and Mitchell Marsh scored 50 points.

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