Watch and listen: Marais Erasmus’s funny comments on Indian players stuck by stump mic

As we all know, Marais Erasmus is one of the best people in the industry, not only in terms of correct judgment, but also in terms of providing some lively moments for players and spectators. In terms of on-site conflict management, he is one of the best people, and he tends to use his manners to ease things.

Due to his bad temper during the second test between India and South Africa, the 57-year-old referee had to intervene several times. As the Indian pitcher missed the perimeter and produced some penalties close to LBW, he was asked to play on the third day several times. When the Indians appealed, they ensured to put pressure on the referee.

However, Marais Erasmus is a senior professional with excellent experience in dealing with this kind of stress. After the third day, he was found to say “you are giving me a bloody heart attack every time, man” When the Indian sliding cordon was over, including the substitute captain Rahul, Kuala Lumpur, Is changing the ending.

This is a video of that lively moment provided by Marais Erasmus

In the third day of the game, there were many other less sports events, and people like Jasprit Bumrah and Marco Jansen were chasing each other. The young fast bowler kept hot with some pungent bodyguards and stares, which angered the Indian bowler, and the two exchanged some words. The two of them played together for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL this season.

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The chapter between Jansen and Bumrah does not seem to be over yet, if Bumrah has a chance to throw a ball at Jansen, Marais Erasmus may be put into action again. The last time the Indian bowler was irritated by James Anderson in this way, he challenged the experienced British bowler with some very scary bodyguards.

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