Watch: After Joe Root hits the penalty area, commentators part ways


The fourth day of the second ashes test in Adelaide was painful for Joe Root.Seeing that his team was pushed to the brink of another defeat by its rival Australia, the England captain was hit by a strange player comically. Mitchell Stark Delivered at the end of the game.

At the end of the penultimate day, when Stark hit his most painful spot, he had to endure excessive pain. However, it’s interesting that he still played two balls with his partner Ben Stokes and saw the usually elegant batsman make a very interesting attempt to try to get back to his goal. .

Choroot was hitting the 22nd ball because he flicked Stark from the wing and asked Stokes to cross two runs. As a result, he jumped and limped through 22 yards interestingly.

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Joe Root is in excellent form when he plays in 2021.

The hapless Joe Root has left, fighting the extra pain under unspeakable circumstances

The accumulation of interesting events may be more interesting than actual behavior. In the third quarter, Joe Root was hit by a slippery ball from Starc in the penalty area and immediately fell to the surface in unbearable pain.

This is a double blow to Root. He was also hit in the abdomen in an online game earlier and was unable to play at the beginning of the day’s game. The England captain stayed away from the game and was checked by the host medical team when Australia took the lead in the third game.

Fortunately, Root has since resumed playing. But just when the England captain hoped he would encounter misfortune that day, his penalty zone was hit again, this time at the speed of Stark’s disarmament.

The batsman was immediately taken care of by medical staff, who treated him and allowed him to resume the game. However, what happened next clearly showed that Root was not yet fully ready to sprint on the court. Although it is obvious that the batsman would not find it funny, the fans and commentators could not control their laughter.

This is a snippet of two attempts made by the Channel 7 commentator mocking Joe Root:

So far, Root has been the best batsman on the England Tour. He shot 89 in the second game of the Brisbane Test, and then played a good result for half a century in the first game in Adelaide.


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