Watch: A ridiculous misunderstanding from Afghanistan has caused a “match-fixing” commotion on social media

India reversed their tragic start in the T20 World Cup with an amazing performance in the T20 World Cup. They scored 210 points in the Abu Dhabi game against Afghanistan. The two sides established a 140-point partnership in the first game.

After losing the game and being asked to hit the ball first, India seemed determined to change the narrative surrounding their T20 batting. KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma came out, all guns were burning, and they ran in Powerplay more than 50 times.

Late in the game, the excellent shots of Rishabh Pant and Hardik Pandya perfectly complemented their outrageous start, so that they eventually scored 65 points in the last four innings.

The Afghan team was very good at handling the ball throughout the game, but it had a catastrophic day on the field, which was enough to make several fans raise concerns about “fixing the ball.” A ridiculous error in the Indian game contributed to it and helped Rohit reach his fifty.

In the 12th game, Rohit cut Naveen-ul-Haq’s pitch to the point where the fielder must make a regular stop near the fence. Instead, he rushed directly over the ball, and even though he reached it, he knocked four balls on the fence, which shocked several people.

Watch the terrible mistake that is under review

Since this tweet came from a Pakistani account, some fans in India and Pakistan discussed it and made two-way allegations. Although some people want to know “how could this not be resolved”, some Indians pointed it at Pakistani fans on the grounds that their undefeated performance so far proved that the game was resolved.

Others also questioned Mujeeb-ur-Rahman’s absence from the game, even though he was clearly injured last game and may have missed the game due to sustained injuries.

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