Virat Kohli reveals if he keeps pictures of his daughter Vamika on his phone or not


Royal Challengers Bangalore are a franchise that like to keep their fans entertained through content. The team is known to post articles, memes, podcasts, and behind-the-scenes videos that allow their fans a better understanding of the life of players at RCB camp. Earlier today , the team’s Twitter handle posted a behind-the-scenes with Virat Kohli. It gave an insight into the unfiltered Virat Kohli, and his preferences.

Who is Kohli’s GOAT?

Virat Kohli is one of the best batsmen of the modern generation and several Cricket Pundits and fans consider him the Greatest of All Time (GOAT). But, there are a few players whom even the GOAt holds sacred. The host asked Kohli who his GOAT was and as the answer has always been, it was Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Viv Richards.

“I’ve always taken two names, those who have revolutionized batting in their generations. One is Sir Viv Richards and the other is Sachin Tendulkar who is my hero. So yeah, these two people have completely changed the dynamic of cricket in their era and that’s why I feel they are the two greatest.”, said Kohli.

How many pictures of Vamika does Kohli keep on his phone?

As modern technology has grown, it has allowed us to capture each and every moment of our lives and keep it safely stored. Virat Kohli is a proud father and a loving husband who likes to make use of this modern technology to take pictures of his wife and daughter.

The host asked Virat Kohli if he had his phone’s gallery filled with pictures of his daughter Vamika to which Virat replied in affirmation. “I click her a lot. I don’t know it just comes naturally to me every time I see a moment with her and Anushka, or her just doing something cute with our dog or anything, I just try and capture it. It’s special you know, I don’t wanna miss out on anything.”, said Kohli.

He further added, “And even now like you don’t realize how fast the kids are growing up, but then you see one of those compiled videos that pops up on your phone from six months ago, and you’re like thank God we took these pictures. It’s so beautiful to watch those moments because when you’re in those moments, you don’t quite see it the same way when you look back at it, which is also a lesson. We should try to but yeah it is beautiful to have memories in your phone that you can always go back to.”

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