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Published on: December 3, 2021

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Indian team captain Virat Kohli will return to the team captain’s position when he begins the second test of the two-match series against New Zealand at the Wanhead Stadium in Mumbai on Friday. Kohli rested for three games in the T20I series and the first test in Kanpur. Although Kohli will return to Mumbai to test, he emphasized the importance of mental rest for cricket players in the COVID era.

At a press conference before the Mumbai test, the Indian captain said: “It’s important to understand that it’s important to refresh yourself. When you play so much cricket at a certain level for so long, it’s Will be taken as a matter of course, you will continue to participate in the series after the series and play at the same intensity in each game.

“Since the situation has changed, many people have said how difficult it is to live in a bubble. Our players understand and communicate with the management very well, and we have also said a lot about how to manage the workload. Not just the workload, but giving them spiritual space, “Corley added.

“According to my personal experience, I can tell you to practice in an environment where there is no structured environment and there are no 50 cameras to train you… We can do this before, we will have windows, you can Stay aside,” the 33-year-old continued:

Although Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane are facing increasing pressure, the Indian captain himself has not scored a goal in an international competition for more than two years. When asked if he had any different preparations, Corley’s answer was no. He explained: “This is just to keep the rhythm of playing red cricket. The idea is to get repetition and volume, which is important in cricket testing. This is just to enter the mode of switching between formats, which I have been trying to do Things.

“Whenever I have the opportunity to spend some time setting up different formats. It’s more important mentally than doing anything technically. The more you play cricket, the more you understand your game. It’s just entering You want the headspace to be played in a certain format in a certain way. This is purely based on this,” he added.

According to reports, Kohli is likely to replace Mayank Agarwal for the second test in Mumbai. Shreyas Iyer scored 150 points in the test debut, and he is likely to keep his place in the second test.

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