USA’s star cricketer Ali Khan banned by the ICC for two matches


Ali Khan, a cricketer from the United States, has been penalized with a ban of two matches, either ODIs or T20Is, whichever comes first. The ban was imposed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for breaching its Code of Conduct during the World Cup Qualifier Play-off match held in Windhoek. The nature of the breach has not been specified.

Another cricketer from the USA team, Jasdeep Singh, has been fined 30 percent of his match fee and received two demerit points an offense during the same match. Elliot Miles, a player from the Jersey team, was also fined 15 percent of his match fee and received one demerit point for a similar offense.

Why was Ali Khan banned?

Ali Khan has been penalized with a two-match ban. Khan’s total demerit points reached four, resulting in his suspension for the next two games for the USA team. He had earlier received three demerit points for two separate incidents during a T20I match against Bermuda in November 2021. The accumulation of four demerit points led to the ban being imposed on him.

Jasdeep Singh has been fined 30 percent of his match fee and handed two demerit points for inappropriate physical contact with a player, player support personnel, umpire, match referee, or any other person during an international match. Singh was found to have breached1 Article 2. of the ICC Code of Conduct. This article pertains to inappropriate physical contact with any person during an international match.

The ICC has been taking strict actions against players violating the Code of Conduct in recent times. Demerit points and fines are common penalties imposed by the ICC for such offenses. These penalties are designed to discourage players from engaging in behavior that goes against the spirit of the game and maintains the integrity of the sport.

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