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A country with about 171.2 million people, representing a 1.08% increase in population from 2021, has recently experienced a rapid rise in sports betting. Upon popular demand, Tim Harrison, an expert in online gambling, carried out intensive bookwork on betting in sports Bangladesh.

About Sports Betting in Bangladesh

Young, tech-savvy Bangladesh bettors have embraced online betting as a legal source of grabbing the money bag. Tim Harrison pointed out that online betting activity is dominant in Bangladesh, obscuring the need for any physical wagering or casino service. Therefore he sought to br the top online betting site in Bangladesh to our readers’ notice. According to his findings, this review will summarize accessing the bet Bangladesh link and share the most straightforward way customers can pick a betting site.

List of Betting Sites in Bangladesh for CricWaves.com

Tim Harrison can confirm the numerosity of online sports betting operators in Bangladesh. The healthy competition that exists among them makes their betting activity attractive. Take a look at a list of betting sites in Bangladesh as compiled by our expert:

  • CyberBet;

  • FreshBet;

  • 1Win;

  • Casino Captains;

  • Wazamba;

  • Zodiac Bet;

  • 21LuckyBet;

  • Sportsbet.io;

  • 20Bet;

  • LVbet;

Online Betting Bonuses and Offers for Bangladeshi Bettors

As observed by Tim Harrison, these various companies use long-range bonuses and promotional offers to attract and compete in the Bangladeshi betting space. The eye-catchy bonus is the sportsbook’s welcome bonus. Our expert briefly described the best 5 betting welcome in Bangladesh bonuses below.

CyberBet First Deposit Bonus Up to €200

This offer is for new customers only. Though terms and conditions apply, a 100% percent effect which can get up to €100, is up for grabs.

FreshBet Welcome Bonus Up to €500

New customers get up to €500 on their first deposit. It is a 100% reflection of the amount deposited.

1Win Deposit Bonus +500%

Title: 1Win deposit bonus +500% image

Alt: Image of the 1Win deposit bonus +500%

This sportsbook welcomes new customers with a whopping 500% increment on their first deposit. The sportsbook’s terms and conditions apply here.

Wazamba Welcome Bonus Up to €100

A 100% reward on the first deposit is a warm, receptive handshake to welcome new customers.

Zodiac Bet Up to €100

This bookmaker encourages new customers to kick start their betting campaign with a 100% increment amounting to €100 when particular demands are met.

Features to Lookout for When Selecting the Best Bookmaker in Bangladesh

Tim Harrison was straightforward. He understood the competition and needed to outline essential factors to consider before choosing. His research was narrowed to these factors.

Licenses and Regulations

One of the most critical factors to watch out for is the legality of the sportsbook. That can be ascertained if the sportsbook has the licenses and regulations to operate in that region.

Service Delivery

Apart from having an operational permit, a sportsbook that ranks high in service delivery will surely outdo its competitors.

Payment Gateways

Choosing a bookmaker with various payment channels is a wise call. The banking channels must be credible to avoid dealing with unknown payment services that may be fraudulent.

Market, Odds, Bonus, and Promotional Offers

A sportsbook with the best market, uniquely carved if you like, will attract traffic. High odds, bonuses, and promotional offers, whether in a loyalty program or free bet, are worthy of recognition.

Tim Harrison: “A good sportsbook will strive to keep customers happy. It can be achieved by expanding the customer’s prospects of winning at all costs.”

Payment Methods of Sportsbooks in Bangladesh

In the table below, Tim Harrison summarized the available payment methods to bettors in Bangladesh and the best three bookies who offer top-notch services in these payment gateways.


Bank Transfer

22Bet, Wazamba, Zodiac Bet


22Bet, CyberBet, Spin(BET)ter


22Bet, 1Win, Casino Captains


22Bet, 1Win, Casino Captains


22bet, Wazamba, Zodiac Bet


22bet, 21Luckybet, LVBET


21LuckyBet, Betway, FansBet

How to Bet on Sites That Don’t Accept Bangladeshi Taka

Most of these betting sites highlighted by our expert are yet to localize their services in Bangladesh. It implies that they couldn’t accept payments in Bangladeshi Taka but accept currency in Pounds, US dollars, or other money.

Tim Harrison urges bettors using sportsbooks that fall under this category to make their deposits using payment services like Credit/debits (MasterCard and Visa) and E-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. These payment systems can enable them to convert funds from their local currency to Dollars, Pounds or Rupees when depositing and vice versa when withdrawing.

The Legality of Sports Betting in Bangladesh

Tim Harrison clarified the hue and cry surrounding sports betting in Bangladesh, as his explanation here will help resolve any controversy. It is a known fact that Bangladesh is mostly a Muslim country, according to research, and Islam frowns against gambling. The existing Gambling Public Act enacted in 1867 prohibited outdoor gambling in the country. No wonder it isn’t easy to find a physical betting outlet in Bangladesh.

However, no law prohibits online gambling in the country. It allows sports betting lovers to register with other international bookmakers and place bets. As long as the sportsbook has its international license, placing bets on these sites is not illegal. It settles the issue of betting in the country.

Live Betting, Live Streaming, and Mobile Apps of Betting Sites in Bangladesh

In a live chat session with Tim Harrison and various customer care corners of betting Sites in BD, he concluded that most sportsbooks understand the need for the provision of Apps, live betting, and streaming services. Betting sites like 1xBet, Parimatch, Melbet, CyberBet , and Casino Captains offer this trio of features to customers in the region.

Essentials Components of Bangladesh Sports and Betting

1. About 98% percent of the country’s population belongs to the Bengali tribe, which makes Bengali the official language of the country. Other non-speaking Bengali indigenous adopt languages ​​like English, Arabic, and Farsi.

2. Horse racing was the first sport to witness the earliest form of gambling in Bangladesh before other sports became widely noticed.

3. Outdoor betting was made illegal in 1867, so betting in the region is done online using overseas betting sites.

4. Bangladesh has no second-division league. Their top plight League, Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), manages just about 12 teams which is eight shy of what is obtainable in other leading European countries.

5. Bangladesh is renowned for Cricket games as their men’s Cricket national team ranks among the top ten best teams for men’s Cricket.

6. Most betting sites are taking advantage of the legality of online betting sites in the region. Bookmakers like Bet365, Parimatch, and Melbet are among the sports-betting companies that have launched their whole operation in the country.

7. After a careful comparison, our expert concluded that CyberBet, FreshBet, and 1Win are the best three bookies in Bangladesh.


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