This is not the lowest point. But it is approaching fast.


Well, it can be said with certainty that Adelaide is not going exactly as planned. Everything is wrong in England. Our bowling balls are too short (despite two experienced bowlers and more than a thousand test wickets), we hit the ball poorly, we catch the ball poorly, and we have poor choices. This is almost a typical English test performance.

So where does the post-mortem start? People gritted their teeth on the strategy of Chris Silverwood and Joe Root-which is very correct-but in the end we may lose anyway. why? Because Australia is better than us under their own conditions. There is no truth that can be avoided.England might be Worst We have been issuing orders since 1994.

Although David Warner sailed on the British sea, it was smooth sailing for him on the flat Australian deck. At the same time, even though people like Travis Head lose their heads when they see a typical county court — Sussex fans will tell you all this — he is still good enough to score in his own backyard.After all, he really isn’t That bad.

At the same time, Australia’s two orthodox batting superstars Spare Bus Change and Sandpaper Smudge have made significant contributions to their team. On the other hand, England’s artillery did not translate a promising start into a game-defining thing.

Joe Root continues to look good without converting 50 seconds to 100 seconds-sadly story His career in Australia-and Ben Stokes seems to be the shadow of his pirate ego. I thought it would rust, but his body seemed to be creaking. People feel that another injury is coming.

As for the bowling ball, it is chalk and cheese. England’s offense collapsed under pressure (and too many wickets were crossed without the ball) and the Australian speed bowler did look very delicious. Why don’t they? Australian supporters will lick their lips when they see the skills of Rory Burns and Hasib Hamid.

So far, England’s first game hasn’t looked consistently scored in any of the games. As for Olipop, what happened to him? He currently seems to be completely confused about how to build a test bureau. For England coaches, this is not a good idea. Dawid Malan, who returned only recently, exceeded the accepted low expectations.

The only other good news so far-I admit it may be subjective-is that although some of the failures in Oz are really painful, I am actually very “um” about it. Failure does not seem to matter. England’s poor performance is just another symptom of deeper and existing discomfort.

The bottom line is this. When we lost the game in 2016, we implored the European Central Bank to make the necessary changes to help England remain competitive during the downturn. But they completely ignored us. In fact, they made the situation worse by doubling down on other priorities: for example, winning the ODI World Cup and building the Centurion. Therefore, this failure is a price they are very willing to pay. We all saw it a mile away.

By the way, whenever we are hit in India, this is exactly the same story. Of course, the European Central Bank “hopes” to win the test series overseas. But they have no interest in making the necessary changes. They would rather be known for establishing sexy new vanity projects than really cultivating competitive domestic games to produce good testers (because county cricket performed very well in the ten years between 2002 and 2012 ).

Therefore, I found it difficult to put emotions in this series. The cricket test should be the pinnacle of the game. The ashes should be the pinnacle of the pinnacle. This is what makes it special. However, if one of the participants is not particularly worried about winning it, it will be difficult for it to become the pinnacle again. Basically, if the European Central Bank no longer particularly cares, then why should we care? They cannot invest in it because they invest very little. So why should I spend time watching a group of England players who are doomed to fail?

So what will happen next? Unless the weather intervenes, or Root manages to score a double century at some point, a 0-5 loss seems inevitable. Australia can feel it, Britain can feel it, and the Australian public can feel it.if you Betting on Australian cricket Then you will know that whitewashing is now almost the expected result.

Of course, what is important now is to return home in response to this failure. Will Root step down? Is Silverwood toast? Will anyone in the European Central Bank take responsibility? I really do not know. The only thing I can be sure of is that Tom Harrison will enjoy his huge bonus because he set up the Centurion team while completely ignoring the fact that he has provided autumn for those of us who love testing and top-notch cricket.

Speaking of scapegoats, no Kevin Peterson This time the blame is on the human form, so I expect Silverwood may be fed to the wolves. Will I sympathize with him? Yes, I can. Even Duncan Fletcher (Duncan Fletcher) can hardly get higher profits from current players. But then again, it’s hard to deny that Silverwood’s performance is terrible, and because of the poor selection of certain players and poor personnel management, it will only make things worse.

The sad reality is that no one in the England team has really made progress under the supervision of Silverwood.People forget that Richie took 12 wickets when he was 26. The last ashes series. It looks like we finally found a respected test spinner. But since then his management has been very bad, and now it seems to have gone backwards (in terms of confidence, of course). At the same time, as mentioned above, despite Ollie Pope’s talent, he still spent a period of honed time. Management must take some responsibility for this.

Then we came to Root. I hope Joe can stop and focus on his shots. He is a qualified captain at best, even though the players obviously like him and he is a good guy. But there is really no one to replace him. Today’s alternatives are worse than ever. Burns has regressed, Butler still can’t reach his potential, and Stokes can’t stay healthy. I really don’t know what the answer is.

I just hope that, beyond hope, enough people will point out who should be blamed this time: Tom Harrison and his miscellaneous crew. Usually, the administrator can hide from the storm. However, this time, the storm may actually be strong enough to blow the entire house down. At least I hope so.

James Morgan

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