“There is no excuse for that shot”-Sunil Gavaskar slams Rishabh Pant’s aggressive onslaught

Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar lashed out at Rishabh Pant in the comment box after his batsman was fired, because his third pitch was released. India is currently facing South Africa in Johannesburg, and is struggling to get a large number of hosts chasing. It seems that Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane set up a good platform, but their work was ruined by three quick wickets.

Soon after Rahane and Pujara walked back, Rishabh Pant ranked fourth. Kagiso Rabada was hitting his 7th bowling ball in progress, and when Pant slammed the fifth stump to deliver, he successfully beat his first ball. Play to the cover. He slid off his third ball off the track and pulled it high when pitching a long distance, but Rabada smartly adjusted his length and managed to get the outside line, winning a simple catch for the goalkeeper .

Sunil Gawaska In the comment box, Pant’s efforts were the least impressive. He has been through a difficult period recently. He hunted down the Delhi cricket player, saying that he must take responsibility in this situation instead of going out to play his “natural game”.

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“There is no excuse for that shot. There is no nonsense. “Oh, that’s his instinct.” Some responsibility must be shown because there are other people like Pujara and Rahane being hit,” Gavaskar said in the air.

Fans blasted Rishabh Pant on social media

Since scoring a century in Ahmedabad’s game against England, the 24-year-old has only scored a century and a half in 13 games. Since his performance in Australia, the young man has been under tremendous pressure because he has high expectations of him. He has received a lot of criticism recently, and this small effort on the Rangers has not done him any good.

This is how fans pursue Rishabh Pant

The stump microphone also caught the Indian batsman saying “shut up” to the short-legged outfielder, which may be part of the strategy that entered his mind. He only scored 17 points in the first game. He shot 43 times in the middle, but did not add any points in the second game.

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