“There is another game”-Jasprit Bumrah’s angry remarks caught by dump mic

By his standards, Indian ace fast player Jasprit Bumrah performed poorly in the New Year’s Test against Johannesburg. South AfricaThe unorthodox speed racer played a beautiful spell in the first race of day 2, but since then, his performance has declined in the test race.

Oddly enough, Bumrah failed to extract a consistent seam movement from the wet but also quite uneven Joburg circuit and ended with 21 points of 1/49 and 17 points of 0/70.

The spell in the second game will be the reason for the huge disappointment of the sealer. He is expected to be angry with the South African batsman and win the Indian Test match with a score of 240 points.

On the contrary, on rare occasions, his line and length are wrong, and more than four times, which means that the South African batter is led by the captain Dean Elgar They can make rapid progress in their pursuit without feeling overwhelmed.

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Jasprit Bumrah issued an indirect warning to the South African batter.

Jasprit Bumrah warns that he will return to South Africa strongly

An interesting thing happened at the end of the Proteas Chase in Johannesburg on Thursday (January 6). With the victory of the South African team gradually becoming the only possibility, the Indian cricketers began to feel anxious and painful.

But this did not lead to any loss of confidence, because Jasprit Bumrah reminded everyone through the stump microphone that there is still a test match to be held in Cape Town. When Indian short-legged outfielder Hanuma Vihari (Hanuma Vihari) was in attendance due to a blow from the team’s physical therapist, Bumrah’s remarks were recorded by a microphone.

Bumrah is upset that the South African batsman might have done something unspecific according to what he said. “They did it on purpose”, Before adding (here translated into English in Hindi), “There is one more game. Let them (SA) fly as they please, and there is another game left. Whoever hears this, please listen.”

Jasprit Bumrah issued a warning to the Proteas batter and assured his fans that he and the team will roar back and try to play a 2-1 series at Newlands. The third and final test will start on Tuesday (January 11).

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