The record-breaking Mathew Sinclair

Published on: Oct 21, 2022

Becoming a great cricket player is a difficult feat. It is even more difficult to break records in the sport. The online bookmaker can be visited at any moment in order to wager on great record-breaking players on this sport.

A player who broke a fantastic record was Matthew Sinclair. He was actually born in Australia. However, when he was a kid he moved to New Zealand. For that reason, he became a player of the national team of that country later in his life . The website 1xBet is an amazing place to wager on all things about cricket in Australia and New Zealand.

A domestic career in a single squad

Sinclair had a career that lasted between 1995 and 2013. He spent his entire professional career in a single domestic team, which were the Central Districts. In total, he played almost 200 first-class matches while performing on that squad. The great kabaddi bet site like 1xBet India is also full of opportunities to wager on other sports such as cricket, which includes matches from this country.

During his career, Mathew Sinclair performed roles like:

  • a batsman;

  • a medium-pace bowler;

  • and from time to time, he was also a great wicketkeeper.

A great bet site like 1xBet India can be used to wager on kabaddi and on cricket matches as well. The player performed greatly in all these roles. This also helped him to regularly take part on the New Zealand national cricket team.

A decade-long international spell

Mathew Sinclair was part of his national team between 1999 and 2009. During that period he played Test and One-Day International events. Great cricket events are featured at punters can wager on lots of different teams and matches.

In late 1999, Mathew Sinclair broke a fantastic record that would be remembered for the rest of his career. Specifically, during a Test match against the West Indies, the player scored 214 runs. By only looking at this number in an isolated manner, probably not too much can be seen from it. However, this was actually the biggest Test score ever for a batsman that was number three in the batting order.

Another record broken by the player was when he became the top scorer in the history of the Central Districts team. This squad can also be wagered on the 1xBet online bookmaker. During his career on that squad, the player had more than 20 thousand runs. But that’s not all, because he also had an average that was greater than 40 during his matches in New Zealand domestic cricket.

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