The famous reporter’s article on the Ganguly-Kohli legend in Bengali Daily backfired, social media supports Kohli


This is not the first time that well-known journalist and unofficial BCCI spokesperson Boria Majumdar has supported Sourav Ganguly. This is about Virat Kohli’s press conference last week. He rebutted Ganguly’s remarks a few days ago.

The reporter argued that “it is the right thing for Ganguly to not speak publicly” and criticized Kohli’s comments as “unnecessary”. Kohli commented at the press conference that he was not informed of the ODI captain change until the end of the selection notice of the test team, Kohli was informed and sent the press release to the media.

At the end of the selection, I was told that I would not be the captain, and I said yes. After the meeting, we had a brief conversation, nothing more. I was not told at all (about the captain change),” Corley said it.

He also reiterated that contrary to what Sulaf Ganguly said in an interview with News18, when he decided to step down after the T20 World Cup, no one asked him to continue as the captain of the T20I.

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What’s the latest?

The Bengali article did not quote Ganguly’s comments before the press conference, but it explained in detail why Ganguly’s silence was correct, and it also accused Coley of indirect opposition to BCCI during the press conference because he was “signing a contract.” Players”

When users posted daily screenshots with English translations, #CricketTwitter or the cricket fan community on the platform reacted, most of them sided with Kohli.

The article went on to ask whether the captain Kohli has confidence in BCCI, and if not, what is the significance of his presence in this role.

Articles translated through Google Lens make the statements of those who do not understand the language more clear.

Recently, Ganguly responded to Villat Koli’s comments at a press conference, saying, “We [BCCI] Will deal with it and leave it to BCCI. At a recent event held in Gurgaon, Ganguly continued to say that although he likes Kohli’s attitude, “he often fights”.

Even if the South African tour starts after Christmas, the focus is still on the less public but public BCCI-Kohli rift.


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