The England plan failed. But success is not entirely impossible.

The Journey of Ashes defines the careers of many cricket players. In many ways, they also defined my life as an avid sports fan. Australia’s test matches are etched in my memory-the good, the bad and the painfully ugly.

I can even say that Journey of Ashes actually shaped my character: always anxious, always looking forward to the worst, occasionally elated and overly emotional. Of course, I was joking, but the Ashes roller coaster certainly didn’t help my blood pressure!

Although I have reached middle age, this series still holds a special place in my heart. Watching the live series when I was backpacking in Australia in 1998/99 was probably the most memorable experience in my life. Also brought back many precious memories.

England is actually very competitive in that particular version.We survived the rain in Brisbane and suffered heavy losses in Adelaide and Perth, but then we achieved an extraordinary victory in Melbourne. If it weren’t for some reason, we might catch up 2-2 in Sydney. Tie series One-eyed referee Terrible by Simon.

It is also worth remembering that Graham Thorpe-he is currently our best player-was excluded from the series after scoring more than 70 points in the first test. If he participated in the rest of the tour, the results may be different.

When I look back at that team, it actually has a lot of factors you need to stay competitive: two good openings, midfield experience, the speed of Darren Goff and Alex Tudor, and Robert K. Decent spin options for Loft and Peter Saatchi. They are not all world-class, but we have a good spirit.

So why, to be precise, they ended up failing?This is because, in my opinion, actually in Kevin Pietersen’s Betway In the following interview, it is crucial to start the tour well. Sadly, the visitors to England in 1998 had a poor start. Australia topped the Brisbane race, winning the next two games and nothing more. Before any one of us finds form, this series is basically over.

The lesson here is that when Australia takes the lead at home, they are like a master. This is a cliché, because it is true. Their cricketers smelled of blood, the noisy crowd gathered on you, and the media really stuck the knife in. Before you say “five zeros”, things may go from bad to terrible.

In the past 30 years, the only England team to win in Australia is obviously Andrew Strauss’ well-trained team for the 2010/11 season. The key moment of the series may be the record-breaking partner of Cook and Trotter in the second game of the first test. Australia took the lead in the first game, as they usually do in Brisbane, but England stopped rot before things got out of control. Our stubborn, less energetic duo dig deep, frustrating the Australians and gradually venting them into the dirt. England gained so much momentum from that draw.

As KP ​​also pointed out in the above interview, if things don’t go well for the Australians (because they were clearly not the case in Brisbane in 2010) then their supporters and the media will soon turn to their own team. instead. This may surprise you, but I heard that Australian supporters have accused Glenn McGrath of being an “overrated horse” in the past. We think our supporters are fickle!

Therefore, Joe Root’s team only needs to have a good start. The England team’s blueprint is usually to limit damage in Brisbane and Perth (a very strong place in Australia), and then fight for victory in Adelaide and Melbourne. It is not impossible to win in Sydney, although the quality of the Australian spinners makes it difficult to win the final shot.

However, this time is not the traditional Ashes timetable. This may actually be beneficial to us. Usually, two of the first three tests are conducted in traditional locations in Australia, and only Adelaide provides some rest time for our batsmen. However, this time, due to Covid, England will have three possible wins in a row after Brisbane: Adelaide is second as usual, this time Melbourne and then Sydney.

Fortunately, we will not visit Perth at all on this trip. The trip to Western Australia was originally scheduled for the fifth test (rather than the third), but it has now been cancelled altogether.This creates an interesting possibility that the final test may take place in Hobart-at least this is rumor Say. Hobart should be more suitable for us than the old WACA in the past. Suddenly, the timetable didn’t look so daunting.

Although Australia will still be the most popular team-which is very correct-the task for England is not impossible. The availability of Ben Stokes is absolutely huge for us. He is not only the winner of the batting and ball game; his presence also allows us to balance this side.

Although it is always possible for Chris Silverwood to foolishly pick five seam players, England should be able to choose a team with a large number of batsmen, four seam players and a professional spinner. More importantly, if Mark Wood can stay healthy (yes, I appreciate that this is a big “if”), then we should cover all the foundations.

I hope Jimmy Anderson can bowl well, and I think Stewart Broad will be excited about fighting for his position. After all, if Wood is on the court, there may only be room for one of Broad and Oli Robinson.

Like many observers, KP states that you need a steady shot, a good pitcher and a wicket spinner to win. I admit that England’s shots are not particularly good, but if Rutter and Stokes can score a hundred or two, and players like the Pope and Butler can run a few games in midfield, we are likely to piece together Competitive scores are combined in an unorthodox way, that is, top orders contribute relatively little.

At the same time, although I will not accurately describe Jack Rich as a big goalkeeper threat, and his recent lack of playing may have hindered his development to some extent, he may be much better than what we knocked down in the game. The spinner is better. I’m looking at you, Richard Dawson. If Root and Silverwood choose Bess, I will be disappointed because they are worried about hitting the ball.

So can we win the series? I would say “maybe”. Although England cricket is not particularly worthy of any success-the European Central Bank did not take any measures to solve the systemic problems that were apparent when we lost 4-0 in 2017-there are still some reasons for optimism: scheduling luck , Our amulet returns to Jiang Warrior, plus the fact that we face imperfect opponents are three of them.

However, I will not bet on it.

James Morgan

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