The 16th SGM and MTSV live cricket match ball reviews, scorecards and results


Keep in touch with us and get ECS Germany, Kiel, 2021, the 16th SGM and MTSV live cricket game ball-by-ball commentary, as well as real-time updates every minute.

SG Hameln

Moorburger TSV

The game has not yet started

ECS Germany, Kiel, 2021

Kiel Cricket Ground, Kiel

Start date: June 3, 2021

Toss and Playing XI: The game will start Thursday, June 3, 2021 6:30 pm (IST).

Lineup of two teams

SG Hameln team:

Moorburger TSV team:

Ashwarya Kumar, Hafiz Hassan, Karthik Chandregowda, Shardul Joshi, Abhishek Chandrashekar, Deepak Prakash, Imran Khan, Sachin Tawde, Aditya Mulay, Azizgul Khalil, Imran Tariq, Joyson Rexraj, Samjitapp Chandran, Chidanish Shatta, Chidansh Someshwara Ravi, Aditya Gopinath, Arun Prakash

ECS Germany, Kiel, the 16th SGM vs. MTSV real-time score, scorecard and results in 2021

Follow the live cricket match between SG Hameln and Moorburger TSV, comment on the ball and understand what happened on the spot.

SG Hameln vs Moorburger TSV match details

Catch up with ECS Germany, Kiel, 2021 SGM vs MTSV Live Cricket scoreball comments, quick scorecard updates, latest news results, and more.

time: The 16th game of SGM vs MTSV will start at 6:30 PM (IST) on Thursday, June 3, 2021.

location: ECS Germany, Kiel, the 16th SGM vs. MTSV match in 2021 will be played at the Kiel Cricket Ground in Kiel.

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