The 16th game JKP and AF live cricket scoreball comments, scorecards and results

Keep in touch with us to get ball-by-ball comments on AF live cricket from ECS Sweden, Malmö, and JKP in the 16th game of 2021, as well as real-time updates every minute.


Ariane Akif

The game has not yet started

ECS Sweden, Malmö, 2021

Landskrona Cricket Club

Start date: August 5, 2021

Toss and Playing XI: The game will start on Thursday, August 5, 2021 6:00 PM (IST).

Lineup of two teams

Jonkoping Team:

Usman Ali, Zubar Zia, Mohamed Ismail, Mohamed Tanvel, Riaz Khan, Sahagul Hilzad, Serao, Sohail Vatu , Bilal Munir, Rahman Babbar, Sohail Mosazai, Adil Javiad, Ahmed Sajad, Bavia Patel, Mu Jahid Sidik, Zabih, Sami Ibrahim Kil, Shubam Kadam, Subban Alshad, Talha Omer, Umar Zaidi

Ariana AKIF team:

Rahatullah Rahatullah, Zabiullah Wardak, Abdul Naser, Delawar Khan, Hazrat Omed, Javid Khan, Krishna Digumurthi, Maly Gholam, Qaiser Mahmood, Sreekanth Medavarapu, Ihsan Shirzad, Imran Khan, Ayub Azizi Seep, Imran Khan, Ayub Azizis, Badarham, Anudik, You Dharmender Singh, Karan Singh, Khaled Mohammad, Mazhar Khan, Param Singh, Pawan Kumar

ECS Sweden, Malmö, the 16th game of 2021 JKP vs. AF real-time scores, scorecards and results

Follow JKP’s comments on the AF live cricket match and learn about what happened on the spot with us.

JKP vs AF match details

Capture ECS Sweden, Malmö, JKP and AF live cricket match in 2021, and make ball-by-ball comments through quick scorecard updates and latest news results.

time: The 16th match between JKP and AF will start at 6pm (IST) on Thursday, August 5, 2021.

Place: ECS Malmö, Sweden. The 16th JKP vs. AF match in 2021 will be played at Landskrona Cricket Club.

Hello everyone, and welcome to ECS Sweden, Malmö, the live blog of the 2021 JKP and AF live cricket match, keep in touch with Cricadium through ball comments.

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