T20 World Cup 2022: everything you need to know


With the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup fast approaching, cricket fans are preparing their predictions. They have spent the last few months following the form, studying the head to head stats, possible line ups and the chances of the favourites as well as a possible dark horse. Others have taken a far more simplistic approach to the tournament, going with one of the betting favourites or coming over all patriotic and supporting their country. Which team will be crowned T20 world champions? That’s a question that keeps us guessing at this stage , but all will be revealed in the coming months.

The T20 World Cup begins on the 16th of October and runs until the final, when a king will be crowned on the 13th of November. All the biggest names in the sport will be in attendance, with thousands of supporters from across the world flocking to watch the action. Those numbers will be boosted significantly by the millions watching from their homes and local sports bars, courtesy of the live streaming and live television coverage.

Australia is the host nation, and 16 teams will begin the tournament at the round-robin group stages before the best performing sides progress to the knockout rounds. Followers have a total of 45 exciting matches to look forward to. With many of the groups expected to be fiercely competitive, satisfaction is guaranteed if you are a lover of international cricket.

The most popular instant withdrawal betting sites in the UK offer odds on the T20 World Cup, and in this article, we introduce you to the more important points from the betting.

India leads the way

This tournament has a more interesting backstory than the T20 World Cups that had gone before it, as the 2022 version was originally scheduled to be played two years ago. Organisers at the International Cricket Council were forced to pull the plug due to the state of the COVID-19 pandemic at the time. A ban on international travellers to Australia, limits on large public gatherings and the banning of many professional sports for a short period meant it was best to postpone the event. But, as the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

The teams and players are eager to make up for lost time and put on a show. The officials are in place, and the venues have been prepared. All that’s left is for you to make your predictions and back the nation you believe will be crowned champions of Twenty20 cricket this October. Many teams are thought to have a strong chance of challenging for the trophy, and that is represented in the early betting odds offered by the leading bookmakers.

Traders have a favourite in mind, but they have been less than convincing with their odds, making it a two-horse race between India and the host nation. England is third favourites ahead of New Zealand, who are certainly capable of causing an upset and winning the title. Both England and New Zealand will be popular with lovers of big odds and those who expect to see a shock result this year.

The full line up for the T20 World Cup in betting order from the lowest to the highest price at the time of writing is India, Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe , Ireland, Nepal, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Scotland, Namibia, Kenya, Papa New Guinea, Oman, and United Arab Emirates. Odds in the outright betting market range from 33/10 for India to 5000/1 for UAE.

You can predict the winner of the T20 World Cup today or play one of the specials. The closer we get to the start of the competition, the more betting options will become available. Fans and bettors should be on the lookout for options, including making the final, naming the finalists, stage of elimination, top batsman and bowler, and other combined markets. There will be a bet to suit all cricket fans and all lovers of online gambling.

When making your predictions, it’s wise to take note of the trends, past results, and records of the competition. Flicking through the stats, we note the West Indies are the most successful team at this level, having played in seven finals and won two . Their efforts are unmatched, with India, Australia, England, Pakistan and Sri Lanka on one title each. New Zealand were the runners up in 2021, while South Africa have made it to the semi-finals on two occasions.

The Windies may have the best record, but they haven’t claimed this trophy since 2016, while Australia got off their mark, claiming their first win in 2021 when beating New Zealand. Will the host nation go all the way and successfully defend the prize ? We’ll find out this year.

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