T20 Blast, 2021 real-time scores: live cricket scores, scorecards and results for the 111th match between MID and KET

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The game has not yet started

Vitality explosion, 2021


Start date: July 16, 2021

Middlesex vs. Kent live cricket score

Toss and Playing XI: The game will start at 10:45 PM (IST) on Friday, July 16, 2021.

Lineup of two teams


Martin Anderson, Mitchell Marsh, Jack Davis, Joe Clarknell, John Simpson, Peter Henderscombe, Robbie White, Blake Cullen, Ethan Bambo , Mujib Ul Rahman, Nathan Sauter, Steven Finn, Tiran Valavita, Tim Murta, Toby Rowland-Jones, Tom Hull James, Ian Morgan, Joshua De Kerres, Max Holden, Nick Gubbins, Sam Robson, Steven Eskynaz, James Harris, Luke Holman

Kent team:

Darren Stevens, Grant Stewart, Marcus Oliodan, Heino Kuhn, Jordan Cox, Ollie Robinson, Sam Billings, Fred Clarkson , Hamidula Kadri, Harry Podmore, Imran Kayoum, Matt Milnes, Miguel Cummins, Nathan Gilchrist, Tim Gro Newald, Alex Black, Daniel Bell-Drummond, Jack Lenin, Joe Danley, Zach Crowley

T20 Blast, the 111th MID vs. KET in 2021 Live score, Scorecard and results

Follow the MID vs KET Live Score ball through the ball comment, and learn about what happened on the spot with us.

Middlesex vs Kent Competition details

Catch up with T20 Blast, the 111th MID vs. KET live cricket match in 2021, with ball-by-ball comments such as quick scorecard updates and latest news results.

Competition details

time: The 111th match of MID vs KET will start at 10:45 PM (IST) on Friday, July 16, 2021.

location: The T20 Blast, 2021 Match 111 MID vs KET match will be held in Rhodes, London.

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