Swiggy throws hilarious shade at Haq after Virat Kohli’s century against the Sunrisers Hyderabad

The IPL 2023 has witnessed an intense social media banter between cricketers Virat Kohli and Naveen ul Haq, and the latest twist in their rivalry comes in the form of hilarious trolling by popular food delivery platform Swiggy. What started as a heated exchange between Kohli and Naveen during an on-field clash has now escalated to a series of spicy gestures and remarks on social media.

Swiggy trolls Naveen ul Haq

Swiggy’s recent tweet takes a cheeky jibe at Naveen, adding another layer of amusement to the ongoing feud that has captivated cricket fans and social media users alike. During a previous match where Virat Kohli faced a temporary slump, Naveen ul Haq stir red up controversial by posting Instagram stories where he appeared to mock RCB’s struggles. These gestures, far from being lighthearted, sparked a fierce debate on the internet, fueling the fire of their rivalry both on and off the field. Their gestures and remarks showcased the intensity and competitive spirit that has become synonymous with the IPL.

Amidst the heated banter, Swiggy couldn’t resist jumping into the fray and seizing the opportunity to deliver a hilarious blow to Naveen ul Haq. Swiggy’s witty tweet read, “Sorry mango… cheeku is the real King “, cleverly referring Kohli’s nickname and play fully mocking Naveen’s controversial mango-themed Instagram stories. Swiggy’s sassy response not only added another layer of amusement but also showcased the creative wit of brands engaging with popular cricket banter on social media.

Kohli guides RCB to victory

In the midst of the intense social media banter, Virat Kohli showcased his brilliance on the field with a scintillating century that left cricket fans in awe. Kohli’s batting masterclass was a testament to his skill, determination, and ability to perform under pressure. Kohli ‘ century not only silenced his critics but also played a pivotal role in securing RCB’s victory and boosting their chances of making it into the playoffs.

What stood out about Kohli’s century was not just the sheer number of runs scored but also the timing and impact of his innings. With RCB chasing a challenging total, Kohli’s century provided much-needed stability and assurance to his team. partnership with skipper Faf du Plessis Laid the foundation for the successful chase, as the duo complemented each other brilliantly and kept the scoreboard ticking.

The Kohli-Naveen spat

The rivalry between Virat Kohli and Naveen ul Haq dates back to an intense face-off between RCB and Lucknow Super Giants earlier in the tournament. The exchange of words on the field escalated into a social media feud, with each player trying to outdo the other in terms of gestures, remarks, and witty comebacks. Swiggy’s hilarious trolling further intensified the drama and entertained fans who eagerly await the next move in this captivating battle of words.

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