Stokes is a talisman for the England team


The great Australian captain Allan Border participated in the talk of the upcoming Ashes Series. The first test match started in Brisbane at midnight tonight.

Border said when recording a new podcast– Inside the Tour-Ashes 1986/87 – Looking back on England’s 2-1 victory 35 years ago…

Border talked about his admiration for his good friend and the ferocity of his opponent Lord Ian Botham on the court. There is one person in the England team who has had a lasting influence on AB-Ben Stokes.

“I think the addition of Stokes has had a huge impact. I think he is a talisman for that England team.”

Bode continued: “He doesn’t have to perform to increase the percentage point, just from other people who feel it in the dressing room. I think it’s a bit like Botham in the England dressing room-he’s in There, it doesn’t matter whether he always shoots five points or scores hundreds of goals, but others will lift up accordingly. So I think it means a lot for England.”

Looking ahead to the series, Bode said when talking about England: “When you see the people of the English team, I always give them points. I think the only weak point is hitting the ball.”

“But, having said that, our shots are also a bit fragile. There is no doubt that we have some good players, but they don’t always hunt in groups and perform individual performances. This is not always the way to win. .

“I think this will be one of the series where you can see the ball more than we have seen in the past. There will definitely be some moments for the batsman, but I think it is very even. Even if we play at home, there is not much content.”

Border’s insight into the series can only be described as a rare view-Australia is very fond of keeping urns in bookies.

Before the first test match, Border will be immortal on the statue of The Gabba. The Sydney-born batsman competed in his hometown of New South Wales and then went north to Queensland in 1980, where he spent 16 happy years.

“Of course, it was Bosham who mentioned in a podcast that there should be a statue in Gabba in AB,” he said.

“Basically, I had lunch and told me: “We already know that this project will happen. It is happening before you answer yes or no. So, do you want to get on the boat? “At the time you just wanted to “I am”. So this happened the day before the Brisbane exam. It would be embarrassing, but at the same time very exciting.

“This pose is classic cover-driven. What’s amazing is that all these photos have been taken over the years, that group-the conspirators-they walked away, got the photo, and then I got this photo The list, I should pick one of them, this is the same one. So yes, this is a cover drive. I collected from shots in the game, this is not for the West Indies, because I am wearing a loose green top Hat, I’m tapping it from the cover, and I think it’s never happened to them! This may be one of Botham’s Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs.”

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