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Label: Ashes 2021-22,
Australia vs. England, second test in Adelaide from December 16 to 20, 2021,
Steven Peter Devere Smith,
Joseph Edward Root

Published on: December 21, 2021

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After the second Ash Test in Adelaide on Monday, Australia’s substitute captain Steve Smith offered some suggestions to England captain Joe Root. England showed some fighting on the 5th day, but eventually fell behind by 275 points in the pink ball test as the hosts lead 2-0 in the five-match series. Recovering 82 to 4, England was eliminated with a score of 192, because Jhye Richardson won five wickets.

With another failure as the captain of the test, Root’s pressure will only increase. Smith told that he shared some tips about his opposite number during the game, “There will always be critics criticizing your performance as captain. I think for him (Root), I can give The best advice is to believe in yourself and do your best to help your team grow and be as successful as possible.”

“Sometimes as a captain, you will be defeated by your opponents and there is nothing you can do. But it is always important to just reflect or see that you can do better. This is part of being a player or leader,” he added.

After Pat Cummins was ruled out due to close contact with a positive COVID case, Smith was appointed as the test captain before the game. The experienced cricket player said that doing this job was fun because it brought back some old memories. The substitute captain commented: “It was a pleasant week to lead the team in Pat’s absence and continue what we started in Gabba. It brings back some old memories and I think I had a great time there. . This is Patty’s team and me “I am the deputy captain and I will do my best to help Patrick. This is my job, and I will continue to lead the team hopefully. “

In the absence of Cummins and Josh Hadeswood, Mitchell Stark stood up to play the leading role and won six key wickets. Smith praised Stark’s efforts, saying: “I think this is the best bowling I have seen him play in a while,” Smith said. “He summed up the conditions very well, he realized that it didn’t swing, and was able to hit a very good line and length and completed the entire game. He thought his bowling was very good and led the offense.

“already have [Root] Going out last night meant a lot to us; he was obviously very painful, but I don’t know much about the way Starcy bowls. He arranged him well and bypassed the ticket gate because he left him well,” he added.

England and Australia will meet next in the Boxing Day test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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