Steve Hamison: Jos Butler doesn’t know how to hit the ball in a cricket test


Former England Pacers Steve Hamison It is believed that goalkeeper batsman Joes Butler is unsure in his mind how to approach his innings at the test level. For Hamison, Butler’s thought process is chaotic and he doesn’t know how to score in the white test in England.

This controversial statement was made on the day Jos Buttler was praised by fans and experts for his hard work on the last day of the second Ashes Test in Adelaide. The normally free-flowing right-handed bat made 26 patient and resilient shots, lasting a staggering 207 balls, trying to save his team a draw.

Although Butler ultimately failed in his ambitious attempt, his number of games is enough to prove his adaptability and willingness to grit the teeth for England in the cricket test. The 31-year-old showed the extra dimension of his game and once and for all eliminated the accusations of opponents that he was not so interested in the red ball version for England.

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Jos Butler led the England team to a draw in the Adelaide Test.

Steve Hamison criticizes Jos Butler’s approach in cricket test

However, the front right arm Quick Hamison criticized Jos Butler in a statement, claiming that the batsman was not clear about his approach to the crease in the cricket test. Hamison’s remarks echoed what many others thought of Butler during the test.

The right-handed hitter had an inspiring knock on the final afternoon in Adelaide, but he failed in the first three innings of the Ashes in 2021-22. After 55 tests for the England team, Butler averaged 32.81 points and 2,888 points.

In the Youtube show of former Australian wristband player Brad Hogg, Hamison made an interesting point. He said that although Jos Butler can work great in extreme situations as a test batter, but for him Longevity in England is important, and he found the middle ground of his scoring rate.

“The problem with José Butler is that he doesn’t know how to hit the ball in a cricket test. Is it to fight or do what he does today. In one month, we saw him score 50 goals Score 28 from 101 to 200 balls. He is just trying to find a happy medium in between. He usually runs around 20-30 points.” Hamison said.

Harmison also criticized Jos Buttler for his maintenance during the pink ball D/N test. He lost at least two relatively easy opportunities. Hamison also defended the bowling game in England, where the visitors suffered a fiasco of 275 points, and dropped by 236 points and 192 points respectively.

“Jos Butler himself knows he should seize these opportunities. If I were Broad or Anderson, I would say that we were eliminated with a score of 230 and 190 on the flat wicket, and you threw the pitcher. Under the bus. At the next team meeting in the locker room, this could be a nasty bowler-batsman game,” The 43-year-old said he also advocated for Mark Wood to be included in the Boxing Day test in Melbourne.


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