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Published on: December 24, 2021

After Habajan Singh announced his withdrawal from all forms of competition on Friday, former Indian captain and BCCI chairman Suraf Ganguly expressed his appreciation for Habajan Singh. Harbhajan made his debut in 1998 and played the last game for India in 2016. In a brilliant career, he has won more than 700 scalps in three competition formats.

Under the leadership of Ganguly, Habacan Flourish as a winner of the game. In a BCCI press release, the former Indian captain talked about Turbanator, “I congratulate Harbhajan Singh on his extraordinary career. He encountered some challenges in his life, but Bhajji did not give up. He has overcome many obstacles. , Leaving a lot of setbacks behind, and stepping forward every time.”

Ganguli He added the former Indian deputy, “What touched me the most was his desire to perform. His strength is his guts and courage. He is always very passionate, and his great confidence means that he never avoids fighting. He also kept the atmosphere in the dressing room relaxed, which is a very important thing.”

Harbhajan made his debut in the 2001 home game series against Australia. He won 32 wickets in three tests and became the first Indian to perform a hat trick in a cricket test. Ganguly, who was the captain of that unforgettable series, recalled: “His first full test series against Australia in 2001 was the greatest one I have ever seen. A bowler single-handedly won. In the series. He is the joy of the captain. As a pitcher, “He hates to keep the outfielder deep. Bhajji has always been an absolute champion of the game. He should be proud of what he has achieved. I want to tell him that the new game in his life will be equally exciting. “

Another former Indian captain, Sachin Tendulkar, tweeted: “Bhajji, what a wonderful and fulfilling career! The first time I saw you was at the Indian Nets in 1995-for many years, we have always had fond memories. Part. You are a great team member, playing wholeheartedly

“Whether on the field or off the field-it is always fun to make you a member of any team. I can’t forget all the laughter. You have made the greatest contribution to India in your long career. We We are all proud of you. I wish you happiness and success in the’doosra’ stage of your career,” Tendulkar added in a tweet.

Harbhajan posted a video on YouTube announcing his retirement. He said: “There is always a time in your life when you have to make difficult decisions and you have to move on. Starting from the past year, I want to announce that I have been waiting for the right time to share this moment with everyone. “

“Like every cricket player, I want to say goodbye and wear an Indian jersey, but my destiny has other plans. No matter which team I have played, I will play with a 100% commitment so that my team can be among the best. ,” he signed.

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