Sanjeev Goenka says the Lucknow franchise wants to follow the “template” of the Mumbai Indians


Take their first step Indian Premier League (IPL) Franchise rights, Lucknow owned by RPSG Group hopes to follow “template” Team owner Sanjiv Goenka (Sanjiv Goenka) said that the powerful and successful Mumbai Indians (MI) have been following for many years.

Goenka said that there are no rules or regulations that determine how they move things forward, but the five-time winner MI is “The greatest inspiration” For him, in team building practice and laying the foundation for multiple IPL trophies.

RPSG purchased the unnamed Lucknow franchise at a price of up to 709 billion Indian rupees earlier this year for the next 10 years to become one of the two new teams-with Ahmedabad Franchise The right to operate together-into the IPL lineup, will expand 10-next year’s team competition.

“I must obey the system [mega auctions]. I have no role in the rules and regulations [of the IPL]In other words, the biggest inspiration for me is the Mumbai Indians. What they have achieved and how they did it are not only a template for other IPL teams, but also a template for global sports franchise. “ Sanjiv Goenka said in an interview with The Times of India.

Sanjeev Goenka

The Sanjiv Goenka team in Lucknow is one of two new franchises that will enter IPL in 2022.

Gautam Gambhir creates a “blueprint” for the success of Lucknow: Sanjiv Goenka

The Lucknow franchise has taken the right step towards IPL 2022, and their support staff has two important signings. Sanjiv Goenka owns a team called Zimbabwe to hit the ball Andy Flower As the head coach on Friday (December 17), he also served as the team mentor Gautam Gambhir in the former India opener.

Previously talked about the benefits of appointing Flower, Goenka talked enthusiastically about the addition of Gambhir, supporting the Indian World Cup champion and the two-time IPL champion captain to “create a blueprint” for his team’s success.

“Gautam will mainly play an incentive role. In the long run, he will also help develop a blueprint for franchising. We want people with a track record of success,” Sanjiv Goenka said.

“Gotam has also successfully cultivated a generation of young people for KKR, which is good for him. His image is a completely non-partisan leader, focusing on results. Look at what he has done for KKR. Fundamentally, we want the locker room. Facing the performance culture,” He added.

According to reports, the Lucknow franchise will also announce the signing of some major players before the big IPL 2022 auction. As two new teams are allowed to pre-sign a group of three players from the released pool of cricket players, Lucknow hopes to finalize teams like KL Rahul and Rashid Khan. Rahul, who parted ways with the Punjab Kings (PBKS), is considered a captain candidate by two new IPL franchises.


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