Sanjay Manjrekar defends the comment that Ravichandran Ashwin is not “the greatest in history”

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Posted on: 2021-06-06

According to him, former Indian hitter Sanjay Manjrekar (Sanjay Manjrekar) defended his comment that Ravichandran Ashwin was not the greatest player in history. Manjrekar has recently been criticized on social media because he recently observed that although Ravichandran Ashwin is an excellent bowler, he cannot be classified as the best player in history.

On Sunday, Manjrekar wrote on his official Twitter account that “the best in history” is the highest praise and affirmation for a cricket player. Cricketers like Don Bradman, Sobers, Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Virat, etc. are all great in my book. IMHO, Ashwin has not yet become the greatest player in history. #AllTimeGreat has been explained. “

Earlier, Manjrekar said in a discussion on the ESPNcricinfo show “Runorder” that because of his record in SENA (South Africa, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia), he had doubts about Ashwin being called the greatest man in history. Someone heard Manjrekar say: “When people start talking about him as one of the greatest players in gaming history, I have some problems.”

“The other thing when you talk about him running on an Indian court suitable for his bowling is that over the past four years, Jadeja has matched his goalball ability. Then, interestingly, on In a series against England, Aksar Patel scored more wickets than Ashwin on similar courts. Therefore, I think Ashwin is truly the greatest in history. Players, this is my problem,” he added.

However, Australian legend Ian Chappell defended Ashwin and pointed out that even Joel Garner did not get many five goals, but was still an excellent bowler. Chapel replied: “I want to make a few points there-if you look at Joel Garner, I mean how many five-goal kicks does Joel Garner have? When you consider how good he is and his record , Not much. And why, because he performed with three other very, very good players.”

“And I think, especially recently, I found that the Indian offense is so strong that the wickets are more shared. Another point I want to say is because of Ashwin’s reputation, I think the English players may be more focused on Exclude Ashwin, and Aksar Patel, well, frankly, they don’t have any clues,” Chappell added.

During the discussion, Chappell also believed that Ashwin was a better bowler than Australia’s Nathan Lyon. He explained: “I think Ashwin is a better pitcher than Nathan Lyon. Look at Nathan Lyon’s batting rate, you were in the 70s and I’m going back to 2018. Nathan Lyon, for me , I think running is through “When he pitches a bowling ball to the right pitcher, this really shouldn’t happen. Yes, he is a good bowler, but I think Ashwin is a better bowler. “

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