Sandeep Sharma reveals his game plan for Dhoni in the final over


Sandeep Sharma was a picture of nervousness as he received the ball from the Rajasthan Royals captain, with the Chennai Super Kings needing a daunting 21 runs off the last over. It wasn’t just the high-pressure situation that was causing Sandeep’s anxiety, but the intimidating presence of the legendary MS Dhoni at the other end of the crease.

Even the most experienced and skilled bowlers in the world would feel the weight of such a responsibility. However, Sandeep was no stranger to bowling in the death overs of IPL matches, and he knew he had to gather his composure and execute his plans perfectly.

Sandeep leaked runs initially….

As Sandeep began his over with an attempted slower bouncer, he sent the ball wide of the mark. This was certainly not the start he was hoping for. In an effort to calm his nerves, Captain Samson came over to him and exchanged a few words of encouragement. With the pressure mounting, Sandeep needed to regain his focus quickly.

However, the next delivery was also a wide down the leg side, further complicating matters. Despite the setback, Sandeep knew that he needed to stay strong and stay true to his game plan if he was going to have any chance of successfully defending the target. .

The pressure on Sandeep Sharma was enormous, as he attempted to deliver a crucial over for his team. After the first two deliveries went awry, Sandeep tried his luck with a yorker, but unfortunately missed his mark once again. MS Dhoni was quick to pounce on the opportunity and hit the ball with incredible force, sending it soaring over the boundary line for another flat six. The sound of the ball smashing into the advertising hoardings echoed throughout the stadium, sending the Chennai Super Kings’ fans into a frenzy.

Suddenly, the equation had changed drastically, and CSK now required just 7 runs off the last three balls of the over. Sandeep knew that he had to pull off something special if he was going to turn the match back in favor of his team. The The pressure on him was enormous, and the weight of the situation was palpable. The crowd was on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next move from both the bowler and the batsman. It was a moment that would define the match, and perhaps even the entire tournament.

Sandeep quickly came up with a plan

Despite the setbacks, Sandeep Sharma refused to give up and came up with a new plan to tackle the formidable MS Dhoni. “I trusted my ability to execute the yorkers, and I had been practicing them well in the nets. I noticed that one side of the ground was bigger, so I decided to bowl a yorker on the heels of MS Dhoni. However, my delivery turned out to be a low full toss, and he smashed it for another six. Undeterred, I changed my strategy and decided to change the angle by going around the wicket,” Sandeep explained after the match.

His decision to change the angle paid off, as he managed to keep Dhoni off strike and gave away only a single. With Ravindra Jadeja now facing him, Sandeep switched back to over the wicket and bowled a wide yorker, denying Jadeja the opportunity to hit a boundary. The Chennai Super Kings managed only a single, leaving them needing two runs off the last ball to win the match. Sandeep had executed his plan to perfection, and his ability to adapt to the situation had kept his team’s hopes alive.

The pressure was now at its peak, as the fate of the match rested on Sandeep’s shoulders. Sandeep switched back to round the wicket, and with the match on the line, he delivered a pinpoint yorker that Dhoni couldn’t get under. Dhoni’s wrists Couldn’t elevate the ball or generate any power to carry it to the boundary, and RR secured a three-run victory.

Sandeep revealed that his plan was to bowl wide from a different angle to Dhoni, and he executed it to perfection. His performance under pressure was commendable, and he played a crucial role in helping RR secure a vital win.

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