Rohit Sharma pranks Kuldeep Yadav


Rohit Sharma is known to be an animated captain. Often during the games, Rohit can be seen playing around with his teammates. Earlier today, Rohit Sharma played a prank on Kuldeep Yadav that left the fans in fits of laughter.

What did Rohit do?

It was the 39th over of the innings. Kuldeep Yadav had just removed Alex Carey with a peach of a delivery. On the last delivery of the over, Kuldeep’s ball hit Ashton Agar’s pad. Kuldeep went up in appeal, but no one else seemed interested , not even Captain Rohit Sharma.

The Umpire denied the appeal but Kuldeep didn’t seem to budget. He wanted Rohit to take the review but Rohit was not interested in doing so. Apparently, Ravindra Jadeja had wasted far too many reviews during the test matches. become a little too cautious in asking for reviews.

Kuldeep went to Rohit and almost begged the Indian Captain to take the review. Initially, it seemed as if Rohit was not at all interested in reviewing the appeal. But, as it turns out, Rohit was just playing a prank on Kuldeep. The timer hit 2 seconds remaining, Rohit signaled the Umpire that he would be reviewing the decision. Kuldeep sighed a sigh of relief as Rohit laughed and told Kuldeep why he did this.

Why did Rohit do this?

Earlier in the 25th over, there was an LBW appeal against Alex Carey. Kuldeep was the bowler. Rohit and other slip fielders went in appeal. Rohit wanted to consult Kuldeep for the review and called out his name a few times. ‘t hear it and started walking toward his run-up.

The timer ended and team India missed a chance. Rohit Sharma was furious at Kuldeep but Kuldeep was unaware of what had happened. Thus, Rohit decided to keep mum and played this prank on Kuldeep later on.

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