Rohit Sharma Fires Back: Challenges Critics Post Test Win


Team India conquered in the second Test match against South Africa. After facing a horrific win in the first Test match, Team India came back into the game with a bang. Since the start of the Test match, they have been dominating. The second Test match ended in just one and a half days. This match was recorded as the shortest Test match in the history. After that, a lot of buzz was going over the pitch. Indian captain Rohit Sharma breaks silence over that matter. 

The Shortest Test Match:

Cricket fans across the globe experienced a thriller Test match. After the heartbreaking win in the first Test match, Team India bounced back in the second Test match. They dominated South Africa since the start of the Test match. On day 1, 23 wickets fail on the South African pitch. In the first innings, South Africa got all out for 55 runs. The pitch was difficult to bat.

The Test match lasted only for 107 overs. A total of 642 balls bowled in the match. On the first day, of the match, both teams ended their first innings and the second innings already started. On the second day, the match finished in the first half of the second session. 

Before that, the shortest Test match was recorded between Australia and South Africa in 1932. The match lasted for 109.2 overs at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. After this clinical win, Team India jumped into the first spot on the World Test Championship points table. 

Buzz on the Pitch and Rohit’s Answer:

The second Test match between India and South Africa lasted for one and a half days. A lot of buzz was created over the pitch’s quality after India’s win. Questions were getting raised over this condition. People started criticizing India. After the match, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma broke silence over that matter. 

Rohit said, “ I don’t mind playing on pitches like this as long as everyone keeps their mouth shut in India & doesn’t complain about Indian pitches. You come here to challenge yourself and when people come to India it is challenging as well.”

Later he added, “I would love to see the chart match referees prepare while rating pitches. We know in India ball spins from Day 1, you are not okay. When ball seams from Day 1, you are okay.”

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