Rishabh Pant sends his bat to the square leg and the ball to the back point

Rishabh Pant often tends to shoot with one hand to get the boundary, which may not be the most attractive way to score, but he tends to score and that’s what counts. However, in one of his best strikes in India’s second inning at Cape Newlands, he did something unimaginable.

Duanne Olivier bowled India’s 60th inning in the second quarter on Day 3. Pant, who ran out of partners, lashed out on the bowler’s long pitch and lost control of the bat.

He swung so hard that the bat flew to the back square leg, and the ball in contact with the bat went straight to the fielder in the back spot. Everyone around the batsman saw the funny side of it and there was nothing funny about Rishabh Pant making such antics. The 24-year-old kept the game on track, but this moment was a major talking point.

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This is the moment Rishabh Pant took ‘throwing your bat’ seriously

India held a narrow 13-run lead in the first innings, adding further pressure on the batsmen to take a big run in the second innings. But with the wicket down, Rishabh Pant and Virat Kohli added a valuable 94-run stand to keep the Indians in pursuit.After Kohli was sacked, the lower class struggled to hold on long-term, such as Ravichandran Ashwin and Shadur Thakur Go back almost immediately.

The young batsman continued his fireworks to keep the scorecard ticking and managed to take India’s lead over 200 runs. He’s been under huge pressure lately for rash shots and wickets, most recently in their loss to Rangers, but he looked very calm, composure throughout the innings, allowing His team is in a good position.

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