Ravindra Jadeja Responds to Kapil Dev’s ‘Arrogant Cricketers’ Remarks

Recently, former India captain Kapil Dev made a remark that stirred the cricketing fraternity. He expressed his views on the current crop of Indian players, claiming that they have grown arrogant and believe they know it all, especially due to the lucrative contracts in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Kapil Dev slams Indian players as arrogant 

Kapil Dev’s comments seemed to cast a shadow of doubt over the unity and humility of the present-day Team India members. However, ahead of the third and final ODI match against West Indies in Trinidad, Ravindra Jadeja, the dynamic all-rounder, stepped forward to offer a smashing reply to the legendary skipper. 

In an interview with The Week, Kapil Dev had opined that the players’ newfound wealth and success in the IPL had contributed to an air of arrogance. He emphasized the importance of seeking guidance from experienced cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar, who have witnessed numerous seasons of the sport. He believed that humility and a willingness to learn from experienced mentors could be beneficial for the current Indian team. 

Jadeja, the ever-confident and unyielding player, responded with an assured demeanour during the pre-match press conference. He made it clear that he does not indulge in social media gossip and was not aware of Kapil’s remark until informed by reporters. With composure, he acknowledged the former captain’s right to express his opinion. 

Jadeja takes a dig at Kapil Dev 

However, Jadeja vehemently disagreed with the notion that arrogance prevails within the Indian dressing room. He took pride in emphasizing that every player in the team recognizes the privilege of representing their nation and works diligently to produce their best performance, devoid of any personal agendas. 

“There is no arrogance in this team,” Jadeja asserted firmly. He highlighted the commitment and dedication of the players, noting that they take their responsibility seriously and put in 100% effort for the team’s success. Jadeja believes that comments from ex-players often emerge following a loss, and this time is no different. 

“This is a good bunch of boys, this is a good group. We are representing India, and that is our main aim. There is no personal agenda,” he reiterated, shutting down any doubts about the team’s camaraderie and commitment to the game. 

The response from Jadeja exemplified the strong unity and solidarity within the Indian cricket team. As the players stand united, they continue to strive for excellence and glory on the field. The focus remains on the larger goal of representing the nation and making the country proud with their performances. 

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