Rahul got the formula for how to conduct a cricket test: Ravichandran Ashwin

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South Africa vs. India, the second test in Johannesburg from January 3-7, 2022,
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Published on: January 3, 2022

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Indian senior deputy Ravichandran Ashwin believes that substitute captain KL Rahul has found a way to succeed in the cricket test. In the ongoing test series in South Africa, Rahul has been India’s most capable hitter. India won the Centurion Test for the first time, with 123 and 23 points in the opening game. He also scored the highest score for the visiting team with 50 points in the first inning of the Rangers’ second test.

Ashwin himself contributed a key 46 points to help India after the 202. South Africa responded by ending the day 35 to 1. When talking about Rahul’s performance at the end of the first day of the game in Johannesburg, Ashwin said: “I think KL has mastered the formula for how to conduct a cricket test. In terms of playing cricket test, there is no success. The formula. The team is analyzing that there are more lenses available and more technical evaluations and malfunctions in the world today. Cricket testing is where you respond to different types of questions that are thrown at you.”

“KL found a solution that he thought needed to respond, and it worked for him. He is one of those players who have the game, and we all know that he has the game and the raw materials. It all depends on how you succeed and keep answering these constantly thrown The question. So, I am very satisfied with the way he hits the ball and looks confident in the crease. Starting from England, he looks very suitable,” 35-year-old Ashwin.

After being defeated cheaply, India was hit again before the end of the game because Mohamed Silaj was injured and left the court. He felt his hamstring and was unable to complete his movement.

When asked about Siraj’s injury, Ashwin said: “The medical staff is assessing him overnight. Obviously it is very immediate. Therefore, initially, what they did on these injuries was just ice. I saw within an hour or two of that, I hope that with Siraj’s history, he will definitely stand up and go all out.”

On another disappointing day, one of India’s few positives was Ashwin’s performance with the bats. With the help of six four-pointers, he contributed 46 of 50 goals. The perimeter player recently regained his rhythm with a bat. In the game against England last year, he scored 100 points and made important contributions to Willow in a number of tests. Speaking of his shots, Ashwin said: “Look, in between, somewhere, for years, trying to be very technically correct, or whether it’s trying to build a score, I think I’ve lost Some respect goes into a good place at the crease.”

“Even before that, my shots have been good, so I didn’t consciously go there and continue to play those balls. If it is there, it is there. For me, I got into a position where I could play some. In these shots, some other professional batsmen may not be able to play, but this freedom is what has allowed me to succeed in the past,” he added.

Although Rahul and Ashwin shined for the Indian team, Marco Jansen won four wickets for the South African team, while Kagiso Rabada and Duanne Olivier each got three.

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