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Published on: December 25, 2021

The head coach of the Indian team, Rahul Dravid, praised Test captain Virat Kohli, calling him a player who continues to develop and push himself. Kohli will lead India in three test series, which will start with the first game at Centurion Super Sports Park.

In a video posted on bcci.tv, Dravid talked about why Kohli is a special player. Speaking of the test captain, the Indian coach said: “He is always improving and getting better. He is one of the players who keep improving and constantly pushing himself. No matter where he plays, he has achieved great success. .”

Dravid recalled that when Kohli made his debut, he was a member of the Indian team and said that his growth as a player was simply amazing. ‘The Wall’ added, “I was there when Virat Kohli made his debut. I was there when he played in his first test match, and I hit the ball with him in that game. I saw him 10 years later. How to grow as a cricket player and an individual. Just like what he has done for India in the past 10 years, the performance of winning games with his racket, the way he leads the team, the success he has achieved on the court, all have too much good job.”

According to the 48-year-old, Corley has promoted a culture in this strong, energetic and ambitious team in many ways, which is very attractive from the outside. He further said: “I have just entered the environment now, being a part of it and supporting him all the way is what I really look forward to.”

After Ravi Shastri’s tenure ended after the T20 World Cup, Dravid was appointed as the head coach. Speaking of his experience in the team so far, he said: “So far, I am really popular and enjoy my time. Everything is good, but also very busy. The two that I came here During the month, we played a lot of games, and we have traveled a little bit.”

India will conduct three tests and as many ODIs as possible in South Africa. India has yet to win the test series in South Africa. In the previous series, they lost three games 1-2.

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