Proposal to Extend Chairman’s Term Duration


The International Cricket Council (ICC) is contemplating a significant change to its constitution, with a proposed amendment to extend the chairman’s term duration. The proposal, set to be discussed in the upcoming board meeting scheduled for March, seeks to elongate the chairman’s tenure from the current two years to three years.

Rationale Behind the Amendment

The rationale behind the proposed amendment is believed to provide the chairman with a longer tenure, enabling a more focused approach to developing policies for the world body. Concerns have been raised that a shorter two-year term may lead to an emphasis on electioneering rather than effective policy-making, prompting the consideration for an extension.

Under the planned changes, future chairpersons would only be allowed to be re-elected once, instead of the current eligibility for three consecutive terms. This adjustment would mean that one can be chairman for six years, as it is now, but would be elected twice, not thrice, potentially allowing for a more diverse leadership over time.

Uncertainty Surrounding Implementation

While informal discussions have taken place among ICC members regarding the proposed amendment, the ICC has not officially commented on the matter as it has not been introduced formally. If approved, the new rule could come into effect during the annual conference scheduled for June-July. However, it remains uncertain whether the amendment, if passed, will take immediate effect or if it will be implemented at a later stage.

The independent chairman position was established in 2016, with former Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) president Shashank Manohar being the inaugural elected chairman. Currently, Greg Barclay serves as the chairman and is set to continue until November. It is unclear whether the proposed amendment aims to benefit any specific individual, but candidates enjoying the support of influential figures within the cricketing world, such as Jay Shah, the secretary of the BCCI, may emerge as frontrunners for the position.

As discussions continue within the ICC, stakeholders and cricket enthusiasts alike eagerly await further developments regarding the potential amendment to the ICC constitution and its implications for the future governance of international cricket.

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