Pat Cummins finds fun because England insists on rejecting Australia

Australia captain Pat Cummins has no regrets about falling behind a wicket with a 4-0 lead in the Ashes, admitting that he found a tight draw in Sydney as “interesting”.

Cummins was refused to win for the first time since taking over as captain at the beginning of the series, but only won by a narrow margin.

On the fifth day of SCG, he killed 10 English wickets. He saw his team score 9 wickets in the final negotiation of the game by James Anderson on the 11th. Door, thus obtaining a trophy.

The England team ranked second in distance, and never even considered darts hitting the winning goal of 388 and finishing 118 short, but Cummins was not criticized in the market.

“The most important thing is that it’s fun. They work hard and that’s why we love this sport,” he said.

“A lot of running on the board means that we can be very creative there and always feel like we are looking for wickets. The most difficult thing is trying to make a choice among our five bowlers.

“I made a lot of calls-some hung up, some didn’t.”

On the fifth day of the fourth Ash Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground, England’s Ben Stokes (right) participated in the match under the watchful eyes of Australia’s Pat Cummins. Picture date: Sunday, January 9, 2022.

A possible minor issue with Cummins’ largely impressive leadership is the timing of his statement on the fourth night.

Although the uncertain weather forecast may require more time, he still allowed the lead to go far beyond what the England team might actually catch up with.

In the end, only seven games were lost due to rain on the fifth day, but the poor light did mean that he could not maintain the lead in the last three games.

This gave Steve Smith an unexpected breakthrough in his part-time broken leg, but it also meant that Anderson’s last cameo was contending with a more moderate bowling brand.

“I know the weather forecast is hopeless! I don’t think we need to put it on the plate and give it to them (a smaller goal), but we are sure that we are willing to risk England’s victory,” he said.

“I think 100 or 110 pitches are the right time to get these wickets. I wanted to bowl Scott Boland at the end, but I think it might be the right decision… It’s already dark.”

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