‘Obvious gap’ and ‘Kohli is lucky’ – social media fires after UltraEdge shows small spike in Kohli’s not qualifying

Technology is expected to solve problems in decision-making, but the incident involving India Test captain Virat Kohli during the third Test between South Africa and India in Cape Newlands only added to more questions and confusion. The goalkeeper looked confident as Duanne Olivier’s under-the-leg pass caught Virat Kohli’s pad near the end of the second quarter of Day 1 There are advantages.

Although on-field referee Adrian Holstock seemed uninterested, Dean Elgar go up to review. The initial front-facing camera footage confirmed the deflection on his thigh pad, but the super edge showed a tiny spike as the ball approached the bat. However, when the spikes appeared, there was a little skylight between the bat and the ball, which made things even more confusing.

Third referee Allahudien Paleker said there was a gap between the bat and the ball when the spike occurred, and the evidence provided by the technology was insufficient for him to overturn the decision on the field. The cheering South African outfielders were mesmerized when the spike appeared on the big screen. Another on-site referee, Marais Erasmus, explained the scene in the past, but Elgar and his mates looked unimpressed.

Kohli scores gritty 50 despite top failure

Virat Kohli went on to complete his half-century, which further angered the South African bowler. The 33-year-old is still in the middle of the pack despite India’s top order failing to perform well. KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal negotiated in the opening 10 rounds but quickly dropped out. Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane looked confident but struggled to score high.

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Kohli resisted the temptation of the bowler many times and was determined to hold on as long as he could. After winning the toss and opting to bat first, the Indians will be looking to create a big total to record their first Test series victory in South Africa, but that will only happen if the skipper stays until the end of the first day , there may be another meeting tomorrow.

The DRS call will remain the main talking point on Tuesday, and see how Twitterati disagrees about it

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