Netherlands vs. Ireland real-time score: NED vs. IRE first ODI real-time cricket scoreball comments, scorecards and results


Keep in touch with us and get a trip to Ireland in the Netherlands, live scores in 2021, ball-by-ball comments and minute-by-minute real-time updates from NED on IRE’s first ODI live cricket match.

Netherlands vs. Ireland live cricket score

Toss and Playing XI: The game will start at 2:00 PM (IST) on Wednesday, June 2, 2021.

Lineup of two teams

Dutch team:

Tobias Wiese, Peter Cylar, Saqib Zolfikar, Scott Edwards, Brandon Glover, Fred Klassen, Logan Van Baker, Philip Boyswen, Tim Van der Gugerten, Vivienne Gemma, Bass de Reid, Ben Cooper, Max Odowd, Moussa Aiha Mead, Stephen Meberg

Irish team:

Mark Adair, Paul Sterling, Simmy Singer, Rocken Tucker, Andy McBrin, Barry McCarthy, Benjamin White, Craig Young, David O’Haroland , George Dockrell, Graeme McCarter, Josh Little, Peter Chase, Andy Barberney, Harry Techt, Stephen Duny, William Potterfield, Gray Um Kennedy, Kevin O’Brien

Trip to Ireland in the Netherlands, the first ODI in 2021 NED VS IRE Live score, Scorecard and results

Follow NED and IRE real-time scores through ball comments, and learn about what’s happening on the spot with us.

Details of the Netherlands vs. Ireland match

Through quick scorecard updates, the latest news results, etc., the first ODI real-time cricket match between the Netherlands and Ireland is explained ball by ball.

Competition details

time: The first ODI of NED and IRE will begin at 2:00 PM (IST) on Wednesday, June 2, 2021.

location: The first Dutch-Ireland Tour between ODI NED and IRE in 2021 will be held at Sportpark Maarschalkerweerd in Utrecht.

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