Naveen-ul-Haq Returns with Playful Banter, Igniting the Crowd and Conquering the Cricket Field

Afghanistan pacer Naveen-ul-Haq has made a sensational return to the cricket field after a two-week absence, capturing the attention of fans and spectators alike. The Lucknow Super Giants‘ fiery showdown with the Royal Challengers Bangalore on May 1 had marked his last appearance before his hiatus, which was followed by a series of off-field shenanigans that kept the buzz alive.

During his absence, Naveen had been in the limelight for his social media antics rather than his on-field heroes. However, his comeback on Tuesday against the Mumbai Indians couldn’t go unnoticed, thanks to the wild and lively crowd at Lucknow’s Ekana Stadium . The passionate spectators knew just how to keep the excitement alive.

Fans chant “Kohli Kohli”

As Naveen found himself fielding near the boundary, the crowd cunningly initiated chants of “Kohli, Kohli” from the stands. The echoes of their chants resonated throughout the stadium, catching the attention of the Afghan pacer. To everyone’s surprise, he didn’t shy away from the playful banter. Sporting a mischievous grin, Naveen responded by signaling the crowd to amplify their volume even further. Using hand gestures, he encouraged them to continue teasing, suggesting that their chants didn’t affect him in the slightest. Quite the show of confidence!

That wasn’t the only moment in the match when the fans aimed to disrupt Naveen’s focus. During his second over in the powerplay, the Lucknow crowd erupted with repeated “Kohli” chants. However, Naveen remained determined to concentrate on his deliveries. For him, Rohit Sharma managed to read one of his slower balls and effortlessly dispatched it for a magnificent six over square leg, covering an impressive distance of 65 meters.

Despite facing some hurdles and being challenged by the crowd, Naveen’s team ultimately triumphed in the final over of the match. The victory was nothing short of remarkable, adding to the spectacle of the game.

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