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We are all gearing up for yet another Indian Premier League. Since last two years IPL has become the only platform for cricket fans to watch Mahendra Singh Dhoni play the game at a competitive level. If rumors to be believed, this year’s IPL could be the last one of Dhoni’s career although he hasn’t confirmed anything yet. Whether he continues to play cricket or not, Dhoni’s attitude will always be learning lessons for the youngsters.

live the moment

MS Dhoni believes in living the moment. He works on the present to make the future better. To him living for the present is important with dwelling about the past or thinking of what the future has in store.

“Be in the moment because what I do today affects what I will do tomorrow.”

“I live for the moment – ​​not the future, not the past.”

Give your best shot

Dhoni has always been a player’s captain. He has shown complete faith in difficulties of his teammates. He believes in making efforts and giving best of the field irrespective of the outcomes.

“If a player is 100 per cent attentive on the ground and he misses a catch despite that, I don’t have a problem. Of course, I also want to see how many catches he took during practice before that.. if he had a problem somewhere and he is making efforts to get better or not. I used to focus on all these aspects instead of focusing on whether a catch was dropped. Maybe we lost a game because of that, but the effort was always to try to step into their shoes.”

“I believe in giving more than 100% on the field, and I don’t really worry about the result if there’s great commitment on the field. That’s victory for me.”


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