Monty Panezal says underdog England will win the Ashes 2-1


Former bowler Monty Panesar once told William Hill In the questions surrounding the weather, choice and the new Australian captain Pat Cummins, after Ben Stokes returns, the disadvantaged England will continue to win the upcoming Ashes Series against Australia 2-1.

England will start their ashes campaign against Australia on Wednesday morning. The first test will take place in Gabba, Brisbane. The hosts are supported to keep the ashes.

However, Panesar believes that everyone has questions about the development of this series, and he puts his case below.

“Everyone is talking about Australia, but I really think England is the favorite to win the Ashes,” Panesar told us. “I think if we play some kind of game (in the first test), at the moment we just don’t know the prediction because it looks like we might be eliminated in the first four days, then a draw is like winning for England.

“If they go to Adelaide for the pink (second ball) test, I think that is where England has the upper hand. England may need to win that test match to get a place on the tour, and think they are winning this A strong contender for the game (series). With Ben Stokes, I can see the England team have won the series. Joe Root will want to taste that victory.”

Panezal added: “This will be much closer than you think. I think England will win the Ashes 2-1.”

After leaving the team for a while, Stokes will return to England to play against Australia. Panezal believes that this all-rounder can have a significant impact on the series.

Panesa said: “The superman (Ben Stokes) in cricket is absolutely vital in all aspects of his character. Sometimes he is not bowling but helping others. This is just his presence on the court. It Will have a huge impact.

“It’s great to have him come back because he can produce some great spells through bowling. Obviously he will be actively involved in hitting, even on the court. Let’s hope that Ben Stokes can do the same as he did on the English court. Show the same heroism in Australia, because it will drive the Bami army and all British fans crazy.”

Panesar believes that if you were Australian before the first test, there are more reasons to worry.

“I think the biggest concern is within Australia,” he said. “They have a new captain (Pat Cummins) coming in, they haven’t played too many cricket tests this year, and England have played 12 test games and they have game time.

“Australia has nothing. Steve Smith, David Warner, Mitchell Stark and others. The last time they participated in a test match was when Brisbane lost to India. [in January]. Australia is facing a lot of pressure. “

Panesar added: “They are [Australia] They will be under tremendous pressure. They must live up to the expectations of how the Australian captain will play cricket over the past 20 to 30 years, and I think Australia has lost this reputation in the past five years. “

Panesar believes that Australia’s appointment of Cummins as captain will prove vital in the series, especially how Joe Root handles his new opponent.

He said: “I think England is a stronger team than Australia. With this unknown captain, Australia makes England (for me) the favorite of the series.

“This is the first time Pat Cummins has been captain. We really don’t know what his captain style is. Will he rely too much on Steve Smith and David Warner for major decisions, or will he be able to make major decisions himself? We really don’t know, this is, if I were Joe Root, when he (Cummins) came out to hit the ball or even bowled, I would definitely feel suspicious and uncomfortable, and make strange comments to his captain. . Continue to laugh at his captain.”

Panezal also expects his former England teammate Jimmy Anderson to play an important role for the tourists in the coming weeks.

“Jimmy Anderson was the only remaining member of the Ashes in 2010/11. His desire, desire and willingness to continuously improve and develop new skills still exists,” he said. “He may know that this is his last ashes in Australia, and I think he will want to create a similar heroic deed he did in the 2010/11 season.

“He has the label of a grumpy uncle. This is what they call him. We need more grumpy uncles on the court, because when he becomes grumpy and angry, he will really get into trouble and Produce some of his great spells. As British fans, we desperately hope that he will perform well, because we need him to perform well to have a chance to win in Australia.”

Panesar believes that Root has the ability to become the second captain to win the Ashes Series in 34 years, and as a member of the team that won the 2010/11 season last time, he knows what it takes.

“In the Gabba test match, Alastair Cook was hitting the ball all day, I just sat in the pavilion, as the 12th man, watched him hit the ball all day, thinking’Wow,'” Pane Thrall said. “That was the moment we thought we could hold on for a minute, and I think we can win the ashes in Australia.”

As for the threats in the Australian lineup, Panesar did not consider one of the big names.

He said: “There is one player on the Australian team that looks interesting, and that is the all-around player Cameron Green. He is a slightly taller bowler, similar to Oli Robinson, he may become an interesting game in Australia. winner.

“However, I think the experience of the English bowlers can deal with the emerging talents of Australia, and the threat of Steve Smith is always there. If they can get him out early, then England’s tail will stand up.”

Panesar added: “Australians always feel that they have something to prove. It involves history. They want to prove that they are better than us. They will be confrontational, indifferent and unfriendly. They will let England know about them. It has entered a radical period. However, if England suddenly performs well, then the same Australians may oppose Australia. Hope the England team can use the aggressive methods in the crowd to their advantage and become closer as a team and unit .”

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