Modern Master and Chase Maestro


In a recent YouTube video, Aakash Chopra acknowledged Virat Kohli’s monumental impact on the game of cricket, citing his match-winning contributions and the fitness standards he has set.

Reflecting on Kohli’s greatness, Chopra outlined, “If you have to judge a player’s greatness, there are three or four parameters. One is longevity. He is 35 and it seems like he can play for four more years. Then you see his impact on the game. He wins matches and makes an entire generation fit. He has had a massive impact.”

Records and Adaptability Across Formats

Chopra highlighted Kohli’s exceptional records, stating, “His records speak for themselves – 50 ODI centuries, four double centuries in a year in Tests, nearly 1000 runs in an IPL season.” Addressing Kohli’s adaptability across formats, Chopra commended the modern batting great for seamlessly transitioning between different forms of the game.

While acknowledging that Kohli may not reach Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 100 international centuries, Chopra emphasized that virtually all other batting records belong to the 35-year-old Delhiite. He noted Kohli’s remarkable performances against strong oppositions and challenging pitches in South Africa, Australia, and England.

The Chase Maestro – Virat Kohli’s Unparalleled Skill

Aakash Chopra identified Kohli as the modern master and chase maestro, particularly praising his ability to plan and execute run chases. Referring to Kohli’s outstanding record in chases, Chopra stated, “The one thing that defines him is the chase game. He is the modern master and the chase master.” He recalled moments like the unforgettable match against Sri Lanka in Hobart and the T20 World Cup clash against Pakistan in 2022, where Kohli’s exceptional batting skills were on full display.

Chopra emphasized Kohli’s single-minded focus and quick calculations in the face of a target, noting his remarkable averages of 65.49 and 71.85 in ODI and T20I chases, respectively.

Kohli’s Unstoppable Streak in Chases

Aakash Chopra pointed out that after Kohli’s match-winning knock in the 2022 T20 World Cup group game against Pakistan, he became unstoppable in chases. Chopra highlighted Kohli’s unbeaten 82-run innings against Pakistan, showcasing the former India skipper’s exceptional ability to rise to the occasion in high-pressure situations.

Aakash Chopra’s insights paint a picture of Virat Kohli as not just a modern master but also a chase maestro, leaving an indelible mark on the game of cricket with his extraordinary impact and unmatched skill set.

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