MIH vs SPT Dream 11 prediction: Midnapore Heros vs South 24-PGS Game 32 Dream11 team today reminded BYJU’s Bangladesh T20 challenge, 2021

Midnapore Heros will face the South 24-PGS Tigers in the 32nd match of the 2021 BYJU Bangladesh T20 Challenge at the Bangladesh Cricket Academy Stadium in Kalyani, West Bengal on December 8. Read on to learn about MIH vs. SPT Dream 11 predictions: MIH vs. SPT game 32 Dream11 team tips for today’s game.

Lineup of two teams

Midnapore Hero Team:

Ibrahim Ali Shaikh, Rajesh Saroj, Deepak Singh-I, Tribrit Roy, Karan Lal, Amit Kuila, Sambit Nag, Kranti Kumar Verma, Aranya Hazra, Ajit Kumar, Somnath Das, Vikrant Rajput, Rahul Sen, Kun Satyabrata Murmu, Rahen Murmu, Iftikar Ali Khan, Rahul Thakur, Vinash Kumar, V Venkat Raj.

South 24-PGS Tigers:

Let’s find out MIH’s prediction for SPT Dream11 for today’s 32nd game. This will help you build the perfect Dream11 team for today’s game.

This is our prediction for today’s MIH on SPT Dream11. BYJU’s Bangladesh T20 Challenge, the 32nd game in 2021

This is today’s 32nd MIH vs. SPT best Dream 11 team

team leader: Rahul Kundu

Deputy Captain: Baptiste

Tellers: Sulaf Hill, Rahul Sen

Batsman: Dip Chatterjee, Sandipan Dey, Arnab Ghosh

All-rounder: Chandan Singh-I, Aranya Hazra

bowling: Sambit Nag, Mrinmoy Nayak, Ajit Kumar

This is today’s BYJU’s Bangladesh T20 Challenge, the 32nd MIH vs. SPT in 2021. The 11th team looks like

MIH vs SPT Dream11 Prediction: Midnapore Heros vs South 24-PGS Tigers Game 32 Dream11 Today’s team reminds BYJU’s Bangladesh T20 2021 match

MIH’s prediction for SPT Dream 11: BYJU’s Bangladesh T20 Challenge, the 32nd game of 2021, Midnapore Heros vs. South 24-PGS Tigers Dream11. Team tips for today’s game – December 8, 2021

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