Madam Lal Condemns Harmanpreet Kaur’s ‘Pathetic Behaviour’ in Fiery Outburst


The attention has been diverted from the host team that managed to hold the Asian giants to a 1-1 ODI series draw because of India skipper Harmanpreet Kaur‘s post-match gestures towards the Bangladesh team. Having won the rain-delayed opener, Bangladesh pulled off an incredible comeback in the third ODI to tie it and the series. The focus of the match, however, was Harmanpreet, who not only expressed her disapproval of some of the umpiring decisions in the series finale but also later made fun of the Bangladesh squad for pressing the players to skip the team photo. Madan Lal, a legendary figure in Indian cricket, has now demanded that the BCCI take stern measures against the skipper for her “pathetic behavior.”

The third game’s umpiring clearly infuriated Harmanpreet, who destroyed the stumps with her bat after being dismissed. There were two further occasions where disputed calls let down Indian batters.

The 34-year-old insulted the Bangladesh players at the trophy picture session after criticizing the empires in the post-game chat. The India captain is plainly seen asking the empires to join in as well in a video that went viral a day after the game, hinting that they are a mem ber of the Bangladesh squad. Bangladesh’s captain, Nigar Sultan, was offended by the behavior and encouraged her team to leave the practice. Madan Lal, the 1983 World Cup champion player, criticized Harmanpreet on Twitter for the actions.

Madan Lal Tweeted

“Harmanpreet’s behavior against the Bangladesh women’s team was pathetic. She is not bigger than the game. She got a very bad name for Indian cricket. BCCI should take very strict disciplinary action,” he tweeted.

Nigar also attacked the India captain’s actions in relation to Harmanpreet: “It is totally her problem. I have nothing to do with it. As a player, she could have shown better manners. I can’t tell you what happened, but it didn’t feel right to be there [for the photograph] with my team. It wasn’t the right environment. That’s why we went back. Cricket is a game of discipline and respect.”

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