Legal Notice Issued to Sreesanth Over Clash with Gambhir in Legends League Cricket


Former Indian pacer S. Sreesanth finds himself in hot water as the Legends League Cricket (LLC) Commissioner issues a legal notice over a ‘breach of contract’ following his on-field clash with Gautam Gambhir during the LLC match between India Capitals and Gujarat Giants.

In a social media rant, Sreesanth accused Gambhir of labeling him a ‘fixer’ during the match. The LLC commissioner contends that Sreesanth’s actions constitute a ‘breach of contract,’ emphasizing that resolution discussions will only be possible if he removes all related videos from social media. The notice also underscores that the on-field umpires made no mention of any expletives used by Gambhir.

Despite Sreesanth explaining his perspective on social media, Gambhir responded cryptically on Instagram, urging everyone to “smile when the world is all about attention.” Sreesanth, discontent with Gambhir’s response, questioned whether the cricketer-turned-politician considered himself “above Supreme Court.”

The controversy escalates as Sreesanth accuses Gambhir of exceeding the boundaries of sportsmanship, criticizing his behavior towards fellow cricketers and even umpires. Sreesanth alleges verbal abuse by Gambhir towards the umpires and questions his authority to make derogatory remarks.

As the situation takes a legal turn, the complexity of the controversy deepens. The clash between these two cricketing figures transcends the on-field rivalry, delving into issues of respect, authority, and sportsmanship.

Comments and reactions continue to unfold as this legal saga adds another layer to the complex relationship between Sreesanth and Gambhir.

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