Lalit Modi makes a huge prediction about the IPL

The Indian Premier League which started in 2008 has blossomed into one of the biggest leagues in the world. Yesterday on 30th April, the 1000th match of the IPL was played between Mumbai Indians and the Rajasthan Royals. Even though many believed that the IPL would fail in the beginning, The competition ended up being one of BCCI’s most successful endeavors. Later, numerous other cricket governing bodies attempted to adapt its strategy, but none were able to match the level of popularity or income that the BCCI and each IPL team enjoy.

The Indian Premier League’s first commissioner and founder, Lalit Modi, predicts that the e competition will continue to expand and soon overtake all other sports leagues in the world. The former BCCI executive is credited with creating the IPL, which debuted immediately after India won the T20 World Cup in 2007.

Modi acknowledged that this is a very emotional occasion for him and thanked the stakeholders and fans for helping to make the league what it is today.

Modi said

“I wish to thank them (fans, players, stakeholders, and regulators) all for their support. Thank you for making the IPL what it is,” Modi said on Cricbuzz. It’s really an emotional time. It is amazing to see the IPL grow so fast and become the second-biggest league in the world in terms of value. In terms of viewership, it is No 1. More important than that is the number of youngsters we have seen in the landscape of the country. And the infrastructure that has come up across India. That is the byproduct of the IPL’s growth.”

Modi was kicked out of the BCCI in 2013 after being found responsible for financial irregularities. The previous commissioner, who still watches the competition, claimed that it is only a matter of time before it overtakes all other leagues in the world.

“It’s all because of the fans and how they have embraced the league. It’s only looking like it is growing from strength to strength. It won’t be long before the IPL becomes the No. 1 league in any sport in the world. It is behind the NFL now, No. 2 currently. Going by the rate and speed of the IPL’s growth, that day is not too far,” he concluded.

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